Haircuts With Bangs: Choose Your Style

Haircuts With Bangs: Choose Your Style
Haircuts With Bangs: Choose Your Style

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Haircuts with bangs: choose your style
Haircuts with bangs: choose your style

Previously, the idea of ​​bangs among people was unambiguous: as about hair cut along the line of the eyebrows. And the changes concerned only its length. But now, in addition to the classic bangs, known since the time of Cleopatra, girls can get many other forms - long, oblique, torn, multi-layered. This means that it is possible to choose a hairstyle that is perfect for you. Location: Location: Of course, the ancient Egyptian queen, having decorated her face with straight bangs, knew what she was doing. This shape allowed her to look much younger and emphasize the expressiveness of lively black eyes and a thin line of cheekbones. So if you are the owner of thick dark hair and look like an image of an ancient beauty (or its embodiment in modern films), then you can quite afford to try the charm of a classic bang on yourself.

But for thin and curly hair, such a bang is not always suitable. It can be worn without fear by girls with an oval face type and delicate features. They suit, by the way, any haircuts and hairstyles, including with and without bangs, symmetrical and asymmetric. And others, no less attractive and charming persons, will have to look for something else for themselves, fortunately, there is a choice.

If you are the owner of a triangular face shape, you will look irresistible with long straight or oblique bangs to the very eyebrows. Short bangs and side-slicked hair are not for you.

On a wide "Roman" face with a large forehead and a heavy lower jaw, wavy, framing the face, asymmetrical hairstyles with a side parting look great, and combed back hair or long thick bangs do not fit.

Owners of elongated faces and high, smart foreheads should avoid vertical lines, so stylists recommend that they make thick bangs up to their eyebrows, straight or asymmetrical; curly hair should frame the face and cover the ears.

If you have a round face with wide cheekbones, try not to do hairstyles that follow its shape. Don't brush your hair back and forget about ideas like a parted part or thick, long bangs, because such details visually expand the face even more. Short bangs won't do either. The perfect asymmetric hairstyle, side bangs with torn edges and side parting have been invented for you.

When choosing bangs that will be an integral part of your look, you should also consider your figure. So, if you are a fragile, petite girl, then it is unlikely that you should be styling lush bangs. Slender and graceful girls of tall stature, on the contrary, can make their hair more voluminous, which is easy to get if the bangs are made from ear to ear. Haircuts like a square are not suitable for feminine curvy figures, for them the best option is a haircut in layers, with sharp thinning and torn oblique bangs.

And, by the way, a little advice from stylists: if you have not done bangs before and do not know how it will look on your face, then you should not cut your hair too short. After all, if you don't like the result, you cannot change anything until the hair grows back. And long bangs can always be removed from the face.

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