❶ Pink Lipstick: Cute Or Vulgar?

❶ Pink Lipstick: Cute Or Vulgar?
❶ Pink Lipstick: Cute Or Vulgar?

Video: ❶ Pink Lipstick: Cute Or Vulgar?

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Pink lipstick: cute or vulgar?
Pink lipstick: cute or vulgar?

Many women love pink lipstick. But most of them are afraid to paint their lips in this color, because they cannot understand whether it is cute or vulgar. In fact, if you choose the right lipstick tone, then in no case will it look vulgar. Location: Location:

When choosing a pink lipstick tone, you should first of all pay attention to the color of your hair and skin.

Pink lipstick is definitely suitable for blondes. It is with the help of it that you can give a unique attractiveness to pale faces.

If you are a blonde with peach skin, then feel free to buy a classic pink lipstick. If the skin is tanned, then choose natural shades of pink. Platinum blondes with tanned skin should opt for fuchsia lipstick. For girls who have translucent skin, the lipstick shade "frosty candy" is most suitable. Pastel shades of pink will suit all blondes, without exception.

Brown-haired pink lipstick also suits the face. She gives them a little lightheadedness. To keep pink lipstick from looking vulgar, you need to choose the right one. The darker the hair color, the darker the pink should be. A universal lipstick for absolutely any brown-haired woman is pink-brown.

Pink also looks good on brunettes. But for harmony it is necessary that a couple of details from the outfit match the lipstick. Cold shades are best for hot brunettes. For girls with dark skin, preference should be given to pale tones.

In addition, in order to look cute, and not vulgar, cosmetologists are advised to adhere to the main rules. If you are the owner of fair skin, then pink lipstick with a lilac tint is suitable for you. If your skin is dark, then preference should be given to bright lipstick. Remember that pink lipstick makes your lips look plump. If the lipstick is matte, then it will give you a little charm, nobility, but the pearlescent one will forgive. If you have olive skin, then you don't need to use pastel pinks. Otherwise, the color will appear dull.

So, if you choose the right pink lipstick, then it will not look vulgar. You can safely paint the lips with this color!

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