❶ How To Massage The Chest

❶ How To Massage The Chest
❶ How To Massage The Chest

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How to massage the chest
How to massage the chest

Chest massage is often indicated for respiratory diseases or heart problems, so it is better to entrust it to a professional. But in uncomplicated cases, it can be done independently. Location: Location: Typically, chest massage consists of several stages.

In the first step, place your hands on your upper chest. Then slowly move them along the sternum towards the stomach. Spread them apart at about the waistline and, stroking your sides with your thumbs, return to the starting position.

On the second, the initial position of the hands is the same. Move them in the same way, down the sternum, but at the waistline, spread your fingers and slide them approximately between the ribs from the center to the sides. This movement must be repeated several times, raising your hands along the pairs of ribs higher and higher, until finally they reach the level of the collarbone.

On the third, feel the pectoral muscles near the armpits. Knead with the fingers of both hands first one, then the second. Then pinch them a little in the same way, in turn. Next, stretch both muscles on the left and right at the same time.

In the fourth stage, the starting position of the hands is the same as in the first and second, but the thumbs should be directed towards each other. Press your palms as tight as possible to this area and slowly spread your arms towards your shoulders. Then return them to their original position and repeat this movement several times.

At the fifth stage, the patient should tilt his head back, rest the parietal part on the couch and at the same time bend his back. And you have to bring your hands under your back as far as possible. Ask the patient to take a deep breath. After that, slowly withdraw your hands, moving to the back of the neck, then along the back of the head.

For bronchitis, honey massage of the chest is effective. It is also carried out in several stages.

Spread on the breast with a mixture of honey and any massage oil in a 2: 1 ratio. Apply the mixture in a thin layer. In the first step, rub your chest in a reciprocating and rotating motion. As soon as the skin in the massaged area turns red, move on to the second. From the bottom up, walk the chest with vibrating hand movements, gently tapping and patting. This will improve blood circulation and facilitate the release of phlegm.

Do not rinse the honey yet, wrap your chest in a diaper or towel, put on a warm woolen sweater. Lie on your stomach and ask someone from your family to put their palms on your back in the area of ​​the shoulder blades and do 15-20 intense presses. After that, lie down for 5-10 minutes and then take a shower.

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