How To Do The Right Manicure

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How To Do The Right Manicure
How To Do The Right Manicure

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how to do the right manicure
how to do the right manicure

How to get the right manicure at home. Location: Location:

You will need

For a correct manicure at home, you will need special tools. As a rule, they are sold in special kits including: scissors with rounded ends, nail clippers, thin iron files. Separately, you need to buy a soft nail file and a polishing brush. If you are going to cover your nails with varnish, you will need a base, the varnish itself, a color fixer and the so-called "drying" - a means that allows the varnish to dry faster.

Trim manicure

Before starting a manicure, remove the nail polish with an acetone-free product. Fill a small container with warm water and liquid soap. Dip your hand there for five minutes, in order to steam the cuticle around the nail. Take out your hand, lightly pat dry with a towel. Start with your thumb. Gently push back the skin around the nail and cut it off with scissors. Burrs along the edges of the nail are removed with nippers. Give the nail a shape with a file, the length can also be adjusted with a file, or you can carefully cut it with scissors. Buff the nail with a polishing brush. Usually the brush has 4 sides, the polishing sequence is indicated on the brush. Treat each nail this way. Change the water and start treating the nails on the other hand.

The most important part is nail polish. First, apply a colorless base coat. Wait 2 minutes. Now you can apply the varnish itself. Take your time, apply the varnish from the top from the center to the bottom of the nail in one layer. Having painted all the nails with varnish, you can apply a second layer, or you can apply a color fixer. After waiting another 5 minutes, apply drying and wait until the varnish dries for about 20 minutes.

Unedged manicure

The difference between this manicure is that the cuticle around the nail is not cut, but only pushed back with a special wooden stick. Steam your fingers just as well in warm water, then apply cuticle remover along the edge of the nails. This substance "burns" the skin around the nail, which is then easily removed from the surface. Then you do all the actions as with a trim manicure. And when the polish is completely dry, apply a moisturizer and your hands will look well-groomed and beautiful.

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