❶ Choosing Bath Salts

❶ Choosing Bath Salts
❶ Choosing Bath Salts

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Choosing bath salts
Choosing bath salts

There is a large selection of bath salts on the modern market: coarse or fine, with aromatic additives, in different colors. If you like to swim in foam, then here you can find the right salt. While taking such baths, the body relaxes, cleanses and absorbs beneficial trace elements through the skin. Therefore, their health benefits are undeniable. Location: Location:

Usually, salt baths are used for medicinal purposes as prescribed by a doctor. But independent use is also possible if you follow a few recommendations. Baths are always taken on an empty stomach, preferably 2 times a day. It is best to take an invigorating cool bath in the morning and a soothing, refreshing bath in the evening. You can add sea, table or aromatic salt to them. It all depends on the needs of your body. The average bath time should be 15 minutes. However, if the bath is cold or hot, then the duration of the intake is reduced to 5 minutes.

Everyone knows about the benefits of table salt in moderation for humans. However, not everyone knows that it is beneficial to take baths with its addition. If you have problems with metabolism, weight or you are tired, then such a bath is simply necessary for you. The water temperature should be 25-37 degrees. Add 250-500 g of salt to the bath. After taking it, you should rinse in the shower.

Everyone knows about the benefits of sea salt. How nice to plunge into the sea and swim. Immediately you feel relaxation, the skin becomes clean. But what if there is no way to swim in it? Then you can buy sea salt at the pharmacy, dissolve it in the bath and take it to your health. Of course, you can't swim in the bathtub, but the effect will be evident.

Sea salt contains magnesium, which is essential for relieving muscle tension. In addition, it will enrich your body with calcium. Sea salt will relieve headaches and muscle pain, strengthen your immunity, and normalize sleep. The duration of admission is 5-7 minutes, the water temperature is 34-35 degrees.

Aromatic salts contain extracts of essential oils, honey and glycerin. If you have a cold, then, most likely, salt with an extract of fir or eucalyptus oil is suitable for you. They have an anti-edematous effect and ensure adequate sleep.

If you are concerned about insomnia or bloating, it is best to use salt with peppermint extract. In case of skin rashes, salt with chamomile, string, tea tree, oak bark extract should be added to the bath. The latter is also used for rheumatism.

For cosmetic purposes, it is useful to take baths with the addition of salt with rose oil or honey extract. They will soften your skin, cleanse it, soothe it.

If you want to invigorate, then take a bath with sea salt flavored with grapefruit, lemon, lavender. Useful sea salt with ginseng. It has a beneficial effect on the entire body, helps to cleanse it of toxins.

Be careful about using bath salts. They may cause you allergies or contraindications for health reasons. Therefore, it is better to consult a doctor first.

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