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❶ Lambre Perfumery
❶ Lambre Perfumery

Video: ❶ Lambre Perfumery

Video: ❶ Lambre Perfumery
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Lambre perfumery
Lambre perfumery

Creating your own unique image is a difficult and responsible task. Each real Lady painstakingly assembles it for herself, taking into account the smallest details and subtlest nuances. And every real Lady also knows what a huge role the right aroma plays here. It is clear that only expensive, as they say, exclusive fragrances can be of high quality and persistent. Finding them is quite difficult, even if the funds allow you. But today we have such an opportunity. The women's magazine JustLady presents Lambre perfumes. Location: Location:

The French company Lambre has been known on the market for many decades and its products are always successful. Millions of women around the world and in Russia pay tribute to the quality and elegance of these fragrances. Taking care to make Lambre perfumes available to everyone, the company supplies its products directly from manufacturers, which significantly affects the price.

Another advantage of Lambre perfume is that you can buy them both in expensive and pretentious exclusive packaging, and in a bottle of the most unassuming design. “You pay for the scent, not for the packaging” is the company's motto.

The Lambre scent map is a collection of a wide variety of scents, each of which is the result of many years of painstaking work by the most famous perfumers in France. Manufacturers perfumes Lambre used to create compositions live natural essences, which allows the flavor to be more stable, fully revealing in all three phases: top notes, heart notes and loop.

The collection of Lambre perfumes allows you to choose fragrances for a wide variety of tastes. There are classic scents that have been known to the world for decades, and there are also new fashionable developments that allow you to stand out from the crowd, to attract attention.

The classic Lambre perfume is probably familiar to many of you. Actually, Lambre fragrances are numbered, but you will probably remember them by their names.

perfume lambre
perfume lambre

Lambre perfume number 5

This composition was created for active and liberated women, who are rapidly building their careers and succeeding always and everywhere. Natural fruit and berry aromas, flavored with the smell of white flowers, leave a unique trail of spicy oriental plants.

Learned? Of course yes! It is these Lambre perfumes that are known in the world as Hugo Women from Hugo Boss.

Perfume Lambre No. 11

Despite almost twenty years of history, many Ladies still do not betray this divine smell. The child woman and the Devil woman, weak and independent, gentle and warlike. She can be different, but always feminine and seductive.

Warm melon in the top notes, sweet caramel and bright jasmine in the heart, seductive musky-amber trail - all this is Angel by Thierry Mugler.

Lambre perfume number 28

And this scent is a real classic, elegant and unique, recognizable always and everywhere. One of the most feminine and noble scents: sensual, impetuous, slightly capricious. The scent of a Lady with impeccable taste and sense of style, playing by her own rules.

The aroma of neroli and exotic ylang-ylang opens, a rose and jasmine are hidden in the “heart”, the Lady leaves, leaving behind a charming trail of sandalwood and vetiver.

This is exactly what you thought of - Chanel No. 5 from Chanel.

The Lambre company, however, also offers fragrances for men. As you know, a man must correspond to his Lady in everything, complementing her image, including perfume.

Men's perfume Lambre number 16

Ironic and playful, yet courageous and reliable. He seduces and surrounds with care, is frivolous at first glance, but knows exactly what he wants. Bergamot and orange in the top notes create intrigue, wormwood in the “heart” of the fragrance hints at reliability and masculinity, iris and musk give rise to hope for a new meeting.

This is Dolce & Gabbana men's perfume from Dolce & Gabbana.

Men's perfume Lambre No. 29

This is the scent of a man who is elegant and self-confident, harmonious and purposeful. He is everywhere in his place, you can always rely on him. His inner essence is clear at first glance - he is an excellent lover, an exemplary family man and a man in every sense.

The top notes contain citrus and ginger scents, the intrigue of "heart" notes - violet and white pepper, completes the image with a trail of cedar and vetiver aromas.

Perfume for men Lambre No. 29 is known as L'Homme by Yves Saint Laurent.

Men's perfume Lambre number 20

Relaxed, sociable, strong. He does not adapt to someone's requirements, he creates his own style in everything. He attracts, bewitches, subtly feels and calculates the risk in advance.

Green apple and mint in the top notes captivate, geranium and patchouli in the "heart" of the fragrance win confidence, musk and pine needles in the trail do not let go, make you dream about it and hope for a relationship.

It's all about one of the most popular men's fragrances Lambre Hugo by Hugo Boss.

Lambre perfumes are not only fragrances known for decades, but also new developments. These are perfumes and eau de parfum for men and women, new discoveries and bold combinations. The only thing that remains unchanged is the quality, availability and the unique, individual style of Lambre perfumery.

Alexandra Panyutina

Women's magazine JustLady