❶ Steam Baths For The Face

❶ Steam Baths For The Face
❶ Steam Baths For The Face

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Steam baths for the face
Steam baths for the face

Steam baths for the face are an excellent way to cleanse the skin, restore its water-salt balance, saturating it with oxygen. This procedure is an integral part of facial care, especially for those with oily skin. However, there are some rules that every woman needs to know and follow during a steam bath. Location: Location:

The hot steam has a cleansing effect on the top layer of the skin. Due to the influence of temperature, infiltrates and sebaceous plugs begin to open and dissolve. Water penetrates in the form of steam through the opened pores into the deep layers of the epidermis and cleanses it of blackheads, the so-called comedones. Due to active sweating, toxins begin to be eliminated and metabolic processes are accelerated.

The cosmetic and healing properties of steam can be significantly increased by combining it with the action of essential oils and medicinal herbs. Steamed skin begins to actively absorb volatile substances in the air, thereby increasing the penetrating ability of healing microelements.

The active ingredients of creams and masks applied after the steam bath begin to work with maximum effect. Herbal decoctions and infusions have a beneficial effect on the skin, heal, soothe and soften it. Chamomile cleans the pores wonderfully, for this pour two tablespoons of flowers with one liter of boiling water and leave to infuse for two minutes with the lid closed. It is ideal for those with dry


Oregano flowers will help cleanse highly contaminated skin of the face from dust, dirt and grease. Oregano not only cleanses the skin well, but also tones it up - this is its advantage.

A steam bath made from calendula flowers perfectly heals and dries small wounds on the face. If you have such defects, then in this case, the calendula is simply irreplaceable. It should be brewed in the same way as chamomile flowers.

For dry skin, a rose petal bath is suitable, especially if the face is peeling. Rose petals can be purchased at the flower shop. Pour 3 tablespoons of dried petals with a liter of boiling water, let it brew for three minutes. Also for dry skin, a bath with bay leaves, chamomile, dandelion, marshmallow, orange zest and licorice is suitable.

For oily skin, steam baths with pine, tea tree, sage or lavender oil are useful. Use a combination of chamomile, mint, lime blossom, and oak bark in equal proportions. Or buds and bark of birch, calendula and chamomile flowers, juniper.

To get started, prepare everything you need: a small bowl, a terry towel, a linen towel, healing decoctions or essential oils, face cream. When everything is ready, put on a comfortable shirt or tank top with a large neckline and clean your face and neck with toilet soap and water or another cleanser.

Pour the hot broth into a bowl and tilt your face over it. Cover your head with a terry towel. The duration of the procedure depends entirely on your skin type. With oily skin, you can take a bath for 10 minutes, with dry skin - 2-3 minutes, with mixed skin type - up to 5 minutes.

After the time has passed, pat your face dry with a linen towel, gently pressing it against the skin. After that, you can cleanse your face from blackheads and acne, using a special cosmetic spoon, which must be pre-treated with alcohol. Rinse your face with water and let dry naturally.

Do not go outside after a steam bath, lie down for 20 minutes and relax, turn on soothing and melodic music. Thus, you will achieve a positive effect on the whole body, and not only make the skin smooth and clean.

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