❶ How To Make Your Hair Lush

❶ How To Make Your Hair Lush
❶ How To Make Your Hair Lush

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How to make your hair lush
How to make your hair lush

How to make your hair lush? Often, even long and thick hair lacks attractive volume, but it is quite easy to achieve splendor - just master a few simple tricks and slightly adjust your usual care. Location: Location: 1

So, first of all, head to the shelf with the care products. And remove from there anything that potentially weighs down your hair. For example, thick nourishing conditioners and styling products containing silicone. Choose a shampoo with citrus or chamomile extracts - they are great for leaving hair fresh and lush! Before applying shampoo, lightly dilute it in the palm of your hand with warm water, and then just apply to hair. Only the ends of the hair should be treated with conditioner if they split a lot.

Plain pure water with the juice of half a lemon is an excellent remedy for adding fluffiness to hair! This product gives shine, provides long-term cleanliness and lightness of the hair, does not weigh it down at all and makes it light and airy. It's good if you get used to rinsing your hair with very cool, almost cold, water. This helps to close pores and keep the hair free of impurities. Keeping clean, your hair will not fade and fall off for a very long time.

Try to rinse your hair as thoroughly as possible, for a few minutes, separating the hair into individual strands and paying particular attention to the root area.

A freshly prepared shampoo made from an egg and half a teaspoon of honey is a good way to add fluffiness to your hair. To give the shampoo a stunning aromatic and uplifting effect, honey should be mixed with a few drops of orange or sweet grapefruit essential oil, and then beat with 1-2 egg yolks. Hair will become surprisingly soft and voluminous.


You can visually make your hair more voluminous and lush with the help of dyeing - if you regularly dye your hair, opt for lighter natural shades, or even better - do light highlights. Your hairstyle will look much more layered and voluminous than with dark and dense colors.

A natural bristle brush is a great help to add volume to your hair! Every evening, run vigorously through your hair, changing the parting and directing the brush movements in different directions. This procedure will polish the hair and make it lighter, removing dirt, dust and dead scales from it. In addition, this procedure will improve the blood supply to the scalp, and the hair will look much more lively.

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