❶ How To Change Your Look With Modern Hair Treatments

❶ How To Change Your Look With Modern Hair Treatments
❶ How To Change Your Look With Modern Hair Treatments

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How to change your look with modern hair treatments
How to change your look with modern hair treatments

The coloring and new haircut, familiar to everyone, do not always allow you to radically change your image. But modern hair treatments are capable of making almost any dream come true. You can become the owner of a luxurious long hair, even if just a couple of hours ago your boy's haircut did not attract the attention of others. Dull and lifeless strands in a short time can become shiny and voluminous, straight ones - for a long time curl into tight curls, and naughty and difficult to style - acquire perfect smoothness. Location: Location:

Hair extension.

Hair extension procedure allows hair to be lengthened in a few hours. During the extension process, the master attaches artificial or natural strands to your hair using keratin capsules. These capsules, when heated in a special apparatus, melt and clasp a bun of your hair. Having cooled down, keratin firmly holds the increased strand on the hair. Thanks to the precise color matching of the donor strands and the bonding capsule, there is no border between yours and the attached hair.

African hairstyles.

Having done one of the African-style hairstyles, you can forget about frequent washing and daily hair styling for a long time. The basis of these hairstyles is braided from your own and artificial hair. Artificial material can significantly increase the length and volume of the hairstyle. The color of the material is matched to your hair color, which allows the braids to look like they are braided from your own strands. African hairstyles differ from each other in the way of weaving and the type of artificial strands. The pony-tile hairstyle has braids with a curled end; Senegalese braids resemble a twisted flagellum; curly curls have short braids at the base of the hair and flowing curly curls in the rest of the hairstyle; French braids are braided close to the scalp and encircle it with some kind of geometric pattern;corrugation is a hairstyle made of seemingly wet curls or very small and smooth braids; dreadlocks look like tangled individual strands of a cylindrical shape.

Hair lamination or manicure.

Lamination procedure, which is also called hair manicure, can give your hair shine and strength, as well as, if desired, change the color of your hair. The essence of the process is that a fixing preparation is distributed over the entire length of the hair, after which a transparent or colored laminating composition is immediately applied. Then the treated hair is heated in a drying apparatus for 15-20 minutes and washed off 5 minutes after the end of the temperature exposure.

Bio straightening and biowaving hair.

Curling or straightening your hair will be possible with bio-straightening and bio-curling procedures. After these manipulations, you can forget about styling and tousled hairstyle for a long time. The compositions with which the strands are treated in these procedures do not contain aggressive substances and allow the hair that has taken the desired shape to remain healthy and shiny.

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