❶ Oriental Makeup: Expressive Rules

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❶ Oriental Makeup: Expressive Rules
❶ Oriental Makeup: Expressive Rules

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Oriental makeup: rules of expressiveness
Oriental makeup: rules of expressiveness

An oriental beauty is able to turn a man's head with one glance and bewitch with her beauty. Oriental eye makeup is very expressive - and it is not surprising, because often for a girl wrapped in clothes, this is the only way to attract attention. Location: Location:

How to choose a palette for oriental makeup

The color of the used eyeshadow for oriental makeup depends on the natural shade of your eyes. For owners of brown and black eyes, bronze, green, blue, blue, brown, purple, yellow, green shadows are suitable. In oriental makeup for blue eyes, golden, lilac, gray, silver shades will be appropriate. For green-eyed girls, golden, peach, brown, lilac, as well as pale orange and pink tones are suitable. These colors can be used either alone or in combination with each other.

How to do oriental makeup: stages

1. Preparing the face. Any makeup starts with this procedure. Even out the complexion with foundation or powder. If you are using blush, it is best to opt for a natural tan. Bright blush is not used in oriental makeup.

2. Correction of eyebrows. Along with accented eyes, oriental women also emphasize their eyebrows. You can make them thin in Japanese or keep their natural width (Indian and Arabic eye makeup). But in any case, the eyebrow line must be clearly defined and flexible.

3. Applying shadows. Highlight the area under the eyebrows with pearlescent light shadows. Apply the main tone in a fairly dense layer on the movable eyelid, blending to the very eyebrows, as well as on the lower eyelid. The eyes will be more expressive if the outer corner of the eye is emphasized with dark shadows.

4. Eyeliner. Oriental beauties give their eyes an almond shape by drawing smooth, clear arrows along the growth of the upper and lower eyelashes. Underline the top line again, applying dark shadows along it. The final touch of oriental eye makeup is mascara. The fuller and longer your eyelashes look, the better.

5. Lipstick or gloss. Oriental makeup assumes a soft lip color (except for Japanese makeup). Choose lipstick in natural, gentle tones. The color can be the same in brightness as yours or be a tone lighter.

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