Erotic Image - Makeup Tricks

Erotic Image - Makeup Tricks
Erotic Image - Makeup Tricks

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Erotic image - makeup tricks
Erotic image - makeup tricks

To emphasize your erotic image, it is not necessary to resort to red lipstick and fatal eyeliner. For some face types, this option is simply destructive, it not only does not emphasize eroticism, but vice versa? will look vulgar. Shy girls in dresses of pastel colors with cheerful curls and little graceful adornments are liked by men no less than fatal beauties with sultry eyelids. Location: Location:

Splendor should not be deliberate, quite the opposite - sophistication should seduce. Healthy, smooth skin is the basis of this look. If you have a dull complexion? start your makeup by solving this problem. For a quick effect, use a base with shimmery particles, with it more than one foundation will not look like a mask.

Healthy, well-groomed skin shouldn't shine - it should shine, so choose a foundation with reflective particles added to it or? if not, use a masking pencil. Both will well hide skin imperfections, and at the same time give a glow. You can fix the result with loose powder with shiny microparticles.

Shiny cosmetics in delicate shades are also suitable for the eyes, for example, mint green or pale pink eyeshadows are good for daytime makeup, and for the evening, try shadows with a metallic sheen, lilac or golden beige, they will emphasize and revive the complexion. In addition, products with reflective particles and silky textures do not weigh down the look, so you can safely paint the entire eyelid with them, without fear of overdoing it.

If you are not a lover of eyelashes thickly made up with black mascara, then take a burgundy eyeliner or a gray tint pencil and brown mascara. Play with these colors to soften the expression in your eyes.

There is another tool that can single-handedly add eroticism to the look - this is lip gloss. Pink color will look advantageous on the lips, it always refreshes the face, but poisonous and chemical shades should be avoided, like sparkles, the disco style will not add eroticism.

And so that the skin of the face does not stand out against the general background, do not forget for the open areas of the neck and décolleté, apply a moisturizing lotion or a special shimmering body cream on them. There is nothing more feminine and erotic than soft, satin skin that you feel like touching.

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