❶ Makeup Like Victoria Daineko

❶ Makeup Like Victoria Daineko
❶ Makeup Like Victoria Daineko

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Makeup like Victoria Daineko
Makeup like Victoria Daineko

Victoria Daineko is one of the most smiling and cheerful stars of our stage. The singer has a very interesting appearance. However, she almost never resorts to radical experiments and almost always applies makeup of the same style. Victoria admitted that she enjoys the process of applying makeup. Although the star looks very bright and catchy on stage, in everyday life she prefers non-defiant daytime makeup with a little makeup. Location: Location:

It is worth starting the makeup, as always, with the foundation. For the perfect complexion, use a quality makeup base. Since Victoria is a dark girl, you will also need a loose powder-bronzer.

The foundation should be applied to the face. Now take a wide powder brush and brush over the cheekbones and temples. Also, lightly touch the wings of the nose and chin. If you intend to achieve a brighter tanning effect, then apply the powder to the entire face, shoulders and décolleté. To prevent the face from looking monotonous, it is necessary to highlight the cheekbones.

When the tone of the face is evened, you can move on to the eyes. In her image, Victoria Daineko focuses on the eyes. A languid look, smoky eyelids and long eyelashes are all attributes of smoky eyes makeup. Carefully trace your eyes with black eyeliner. Now you need to apply smoky shadows to the moving eyelid and gently blend them.

As for the eyelashes, here you need mascara with the effect of false eyelashes. Sweep the brush from root to tip slowly, without blinking, painting over each eyelash. Wait until the eyelashes are dry, and just as slowly paint over them again. After complete drying, comb the cilia with a special comb, if they are stuck together somewhere. As a result, you should get lush long eyelashes.

This style of eye makeup involves a minimum of makeup on the lips or a complete absence of it. It is best to use a lip balm or gloss. The balm will moisturize your lips and make them more juicy, and shine will add volume to them.

A light curly hairstyle and your favorite scent will complete the look. Do not forget that Victoria always complements each of her outfits with one very important detail that completes the makeup - a dazzling smile. Be irresistible.

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