How To Match Lipstick Color

How To Match Lipstick Color
How To Match Lipstick Color

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How to match lipstick color
How to match lipstick color

Lipsticks are different: bright, shiny, transparent, matte. With their help, you can turn into a gentle coquette, into a vamp woman, and sometimes into a mysterious alien beauty. There is no limit to women's imagination. However, as it no longer exists in the number of shades of this "female weapon". Location: Location: Lips will become sexier and more expressive only if the lipstick has been chosen correctly. An unsuitable color can visually age you for several years at once, as well as change the shade of your face for the worse and even emphasize the lack of whiteness of your teeth. When choosing a lipstick tone, consider the color of your hair, skin, eyes, teeth, and the size of your lips. We must not forget about your age.

Green-eyed women should opt for red-orange and terracotta shades. Plum and beige tones are more suitable for gray eyes, and bright red, brown and pale pink for hazel.

Dark-skinned people prefer a warm palette: red, chocolate, pastel, plum tones. But dark-skinned women can safely experiment with pearlescent tones, since they perfectly set off all the beauty of a tan.

Cold shades are more suitable for white-skinned women: light coral, beige, pink. Pearlescent lipstick is contraindicated for owners of fair skin. It will make the face even paler. Too warm tones will give a sickly look. "Pale-faced" can experiment with a gentle peach tone.

When buying lipstick, don't forget about your own hair color. Red-haired women should choose brown, dark red, plum and coral colors. For platinum blondes, lipstick has been created in berry tone and cappuccino color. For those with golden hair, it is preferable to use peach or coral lipstick.

Regardless of the color of your curls, eyes and skin, try not to use bright orange lipstick, as it visually yellows your teeth, especially if they are already far from ideal whiteness. If the shape of the teeth is imperfect, it is more advisable to use light lipstick tones. They distract attention from defects, but dark colors, on the contrary, will betray them.

The size of the lips is also important. Everything is simple here. If your lips are thin, give preference to light lipstick tones, and if plump - dark.

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