❶ Makeup For A Celebration: Select A Color Scheme

❶ Makeup For A Celebration: Select A Color Scheme
❶ Makeup For A Celebration: Select A Color Scheme

Video: ❶ Makeup For A Celebration: Select A Color Scheme

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Make-up for a celebration: choosing a color scheme
Make-up for a celebration: choosing a color scheme

At work and at home, women are accustomed to using a minimal amount of makeup. Mascara, lipstick, sometimes shadows - this is a simple list of products that are used in classic makeup. But at the holiday you want to look stunning. And good makeup plays an important role in creating the look. You can go to the salon, or you can do it yourself. Location: Location: Eyeshadow, lipstick, blush, foundation or powder, eyeliner - all these must be carefully chosen. Remember that there are only two color schemes - warm and cold. And you shouldn't mix them in one makeup.

Cold colors include shades of gray, blue, white. The warm color scheme involves the use of golden, peach, pale pink colors. Separately, it should be said about the avant-garde makeup, which allows the use of bright colors. For example, red, light green, raspberry, purple and other "flashy" shades.

Makeup colors should match the celebration you are planning to attend. But there are rules that must always be followed:

- the foundation must match the type of skin;

- colors in makeup - to be combined with each other;

- color scheme - in harmony with the color of your outfit.


Due to the fact that most brides wear a white dress, you should not use bright colors in makeup. Wedding makeup should be dominated by white, any shades of gray, eye-pleasing pastel colors, you can use light shades of blue. Lipstick should be chosen close to natural color: pale pink, peach, cool pink. The blush should be such that it creates a slight blush effect.

A party

When you go to a party, you can do some bright, eye-catching makeup. In it you can mix colors, use 3-4 shades of eyeshadow at once. True, they must certainly be in the same color spectrum. For example, blue-cyan-turquoise, beige-brown-fawn / yellow, green-emerald-coniferous. Lipstick shades can be quite bright. Red, brown, burgundy and any other tones are appropriate.

Carnival, Halloween

There are no restrictions on the color scheme. You can mix any colors you want and choose any shades. You can even use red and orange shadows, which in any other situation are best not used at all.

Birthday, visit, concert

For this kind of events, it is better to choose warm colors, discreet lipstick and light shadows.

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