Vacuum Face Pore Cleaners: Tips And Tricks

Vacuum Face Pore Cleaners: Tips And Tricks
Vacuum Face Pore Cleaners: Tips And Tricks

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Vacuum face pore cleaners: tips and tricks
Vacuum face pore cleaners: tips and tricks

The vacuum pore cleaner is one of the modern cosmetic inventions. With its help, any person can cleanse the skin at home, which has a high secretion of seborin. You just need to make the right choice, and your skin will become healthy and clean. Location: Location:

The vacuum pore cleaner works like a medical can. The device removes dirt and sebaceous plugs from pores by creating negative pressure between the skin and the working surface of the pore cleaner. It is believed that this method does not injure the skin, besides, the processes of blood microcirculation are improved. Such devices can be used not only by women, but also by men.

In order for the result from using the device to be, as they say, "obvious", you need to use some recommendations for its use.

Before starting the cleansing procedure, wash your face and try to steam the skin. To reduce discomfort, moisturize your skin from time to time with a gel or facial wash. And to avoid bruising, do not hold the suction cup in one place for more than 2 seconds. After the procedure, you need to wipe the skin with lotion or just wash with cold water.

The operation of the device will be more efficient if you remember to wash the nozzle after using the vacuum cleaner, and also to clean the device twice a week.

Today, you can choose a vacuum pore cleaner after familiarizing yourself with the assortment that is presented on the cosmetic equipment market. Vacuum cleaners are manufactured by two companies: Gezanne ITC (France) and Panasonic (Japan).

The Super Cleaner (French company) is a standard battery-operated cleaner with a reversible nozzle that allows two people to use the unit without further cleaning. The Super Wet Cleaner, unlike the previous model, has an additional wet cleaning function. Its design is a container in which the cleaning agent is supplied to the nozzle during cleaning, which helps to make the procedure more comfortable and effective.

М131Gezatone is a designer model with which you can also do massage and peeling of the facial skin. Panasonic has two vacuum cleaners, the EH2511 A825 and the EH2513, which are equipped with vaporizers. The EH2513 model is more advanced as it is equipped with a microspray.

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