❶ How To Do Evening Hairstyles

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❶ How To Do Evening Hairstyles
❶ How To Do Evening Hairstyles

Video: ❶ How To Do Evening Hairstyles

Video: ❶ How To Do Evening Hairstyles
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Have you been suddenly called to a party and your master cannot accept you? Do not panic, you can do your evening hairstyle with your own hands and is no worse than a professional hairdresser. The main thing to arm yourself with is patience and accuracy. Location: Location:

You will need

Mousse, gel, hair spray

Hair dryer

Hairpins, hairpins

Decorative ornaments


The easiest option, if you are very limited in time, is to create a wet hairstyle. It will suit almost any length except very long and short hair. To do this, you need a hair gel or mousse and a hair dryer with a diffuser attachment. Apply the product to wet hair, separate the strand, crumple and twist it in your hands, fix this lump with a diffuser and dry it. If desired, you can cover your hair with glitter varnish on top and add decorations to your hair.

Another option is a French braid. Its difference is that it is woven not from top to bottom, as usual, but from bottom to top. To do this, lean forward, comb your hair from neck to nape, and braid. Top it off with a bun in the front.

However, an ordinary braid decorated with strings of pearls, stones, rhinestones can also become an evening option.

Hair of different lengths will also go with a hairstyle with raised hair on the back of the head and bangs. For short hair, comb the hair in the back, smooth it over the top and highlight the bangs with styling product. For long hair, gather it in the back with hairpins in a shell, or simply collect it in a ponytail at the back of your head, leaving the ends not free. Also select the bangs with a gel or mousse. If you don't have bangs, then take a strand in front, dampen it with styling product, gently wrap it back and hide the ends in a shell.

Long hair in waves is the style of the 40s and 70s. Such hairstyles are now relevant and will suit any evening dress. This hairstyle is easy to do. But it can take a lot of time. Pre-braid a couple of dozen braids, wet them and wait until they dry completely. Then unbraid your hair, fix it in waves, without combing it with mousse and hairspray.


The choice of evening hairstyles is very wide. With enough imagination, even an ordinary ponytail can become a masterpiece. The main thing to remember is that to keep the hairstyle for a long time, style only dry hair. Style curly hair with creams and gels, and straight hair with mousses and sprays. Be sure to fix your masterpiece with varnish on top.