Hairstyles For New Year

Hairstyles For New Year
Hairstyles For New Year

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Hairstyles for New Year 2013
Hairstyles for New Year 2013

On New Year's Eve, women want to look dazzling. Therefore, special attention is usually paid to the selection of outfits, jewelry and hairstyles for the upcoming celebration. In addition, I also want not only to be beautiful, but also to correspond to the symbol of the coming year. Location: Location: The upcoming 2013 will be held under the auspices of the Black Water Snake. In order for her to be supportive, it is necessary to dress correctly and make the styling appropriate. At first glance, it seems that burning brunettes with straight long hair will look most relevant for the New Year. But this does not mean that everyone else urgently needs to paint in black and regret the short haircut.

New Year's hairstyles 2013 are very diverse. Owners of any hair color and length can choose a good option. The most important thing is that the hairstyle is feminine. After all, the Snake is a female sign, it is seductive and charming. It would be ideal to do styling with braids, because they so resemble the mistress of the year. Braids and pigtails can be twisted around the head, made of them a diadem or wreath. On the eve of the Year of the Snake, you will look irresistible with such a hairstyle.

The traditional “ponytail” also has a right to exist. It can be done, for example, as an element of a complex hairstyle, combined with half-loose curls, or performed as a classic one. It will also be nice to arrange the ponytail asymmetrically or twist part of the hair into a snake tourniquet, and take some into the tail. More imagination and a chic look is guaranteed.

Also, owners of long hair and curls of medium length can experiment with various kinds of bundles and knots, shells and bagels. This hairstyle will also remind of the patroness of the year 2013, the Snake, and arouse her favor.

But even if the hair is short, it can still be styled so that the hairstyle matches the symbol of the coming year. For example, a hairstyle with the effect of "wet hair" looks gorgeous. Slightly "tousled" styling is perfect for a celebration. Or you can curl your hair with curlers or a hairdryer, framing your face with small or large curls. After all, they, if desired, will remind you of the curves of the graceful Snake.

Don't forget about trendy asymmetrical partings. On New Year's Eve 2013, they are more relevant than ever. Simply by making a parting with a snake for any haircut, you will thereby create a hairstyle appropriate for the year of the Snake.

Help to appease the Black Water Snake and accessories. Feel free to use shiny hairpins and elastic bands, decorate your hair with snake clips. And you can make bright toning, because the Snake has a variegated patterned skin. Add a combination of yellow and purple, red and lilac, red and black to your hair. Fortunately, today there are tools that allow you to make colored strands for one night.

Choose a hairstyle so that it matches your outfit and cheers you up. Then the Snake will definitely pay attention to you and give you good luck in the coming year. You just have to believe in it.

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