❶ Volumetric Nail Design

❶ Volumetric Nail Design
❶ Volumetric Nail Design

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Volumetric nail design
Volumetric nail design

Every woman in her life has moments when she wants to look one hundred percent, so that her friends open their mouths, and men just fall at your feet. And in this situation it is necessary to think over everything in detail and clearly so that there are no mistakes. Location: Location:

For important celebrations, you need to think over your image inside and out in order to look perfect. Give an important place to manicure. Women pay attention to their hands just as often as to other parts of the body.

Choose a special manicure for a special evening. This is not a manicure that can be applied daily. Volumetric design is an original decoration of your nails that will draw attention to you and make you the queen of the evening.

It is not necessary to build up nails for this. A voluminous manicure can be done on natural nails as well. Before the procedure in the salon or on your own, treat your nails with a disinfecting liquid, do a hand massage.

Jewelry for a voluminous manicure should be chosen depending on the style that you prefer to adhere to at the gala evening.

It can be flowers, abstraction, and even teddy bears! Flowers look very feminine and are suitable for romantic girls. Abstraction is suitable for almost all outfits. And here are teddy bears for original girls with a sense of humor and unusual style.

There are many options for drawing up a voluminous manicure. There are drawings that take a lot of time and diligence to draw, but they are worth it. Every little detail will take patience, but it will look like a 3D image. And the flowers depicted, for example, can even emit a scent.

In a voluminous manicure, a combination of several methods of work is also possible. The main picture can become the background, and a color is applied over it, depending on your desire.

The material used for voluminous manicure is varied. This includes standard sequins, foil, as well as natural materials that include silk, silk threads, foil, feathers, rhinestones, gems, and even dried insects!

It all depends on your aspiration and desire to be original.

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