❶ Down With The Double Chin

❶ Down With The Double Chin
❶ Down With The Double Chin

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Down with the second chin
Down with the second chin

The second chin completely changes the facial expression - makes it haughty, unpleasant, creates a feeling of unhealthy fullness, "breaks" the oval. Massage, posture straightening, special exercises will help to tighten the tissues and return the features to their former clarity. Location: Location: Learn to walk correctly. Regardless of the build and height, you need to keep your posture - raise your head higher, take your shoulders back, pull in your stomach. The secret to correct posture is to keep the upper half of your torso still. Keep your gaze straight, letting your chest protrude slightly forward. The muscles of the chest and neck will be in a natural state, the back will be relaxed, and the double chin will not be so noticeable.

The right pillow will not only save you from a double chin, but also from wrinkles and folds that form from an incorrect head position on a high pillow. The pillow should be flat or contoured to follow the shape of the back, neck and head.

The second chin needs to be removed - an intensive and regular massage with essential oils will tighten the skin and relaxed muscles. Use your thumbs to knead the areas under the chin, holding the cheekbones with your other fingers. You can lightly grab and pinch the skin (but not sip) - work the chin from the middle to the earlobes, from the corners of the mouth to the ears.

Exercises to eliminate a double chin include simple but effective exercises:

- Vigorous movements of the chin from the chest and up - lean your head back with force.

- The tip of the tongue rests against the upper palate, then against the lower teeth - perform the movements alternately and quickly.

- Put your chin on your hands locked in the lock and press on them with force, reverse movement - the hands press on the chin.

- Clasp your hands at the back of your neck and turn your chin first to the right and then to the left.

- With a sharp movement, push your chin forward and return it back.

The skin on the chin can sag due to dramatic weight loss or natural aging processes, so it needs tightening compresses. Apply any cream to the skin and tie up the chin with an elastic bandage - perform the procedure every evening for half an hour.

Finish washing by gently tapping your chin with a towel dipped in an aqueous solution of vodka, salt and lemon juice. Compresses from boiled potatoes and yeast dough eliminate skin laxity.

A radical way to eliminate a double chin is mini-liposuction. The operation is performed in cosmetic clinics and requires elastic and firm skin.

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