❶ Lacoste Perfumery: Scents Of Optimism And Cheerfulness

❶ Lacoste Perfumery: Scents Of Optimism And Cheerfulness
❶ Lacoste Perfumery: Scents Of Optimism And Cheerfulness

Video: ❶ Lacoste Perfumery: Scents Of Optimism And Cheerfulness

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Lacoste perfumery: scents of optimism and cheerfulness
Lacoste perfumery: scents of optimism and cheerfulness

Seeing a crocodile emblem on clothes, accessories or perfume packaging, we do not think that such a product has anything to do with the batch of green. And, all because for almost 80 years this emblem has been used by the world famous company Lacoste. Initially created only as a sports knitwear company, Lacoste today delights its fans with a wide variety of clothing, accessories, footwear and even perfumery. About what aromatic works are created in a fashion company with a rich sports history, the women's magazine JustLady invites you to learn from this article. Location: Location:

If you are familiar with Lacoste clothing and accessories, then you know that the manufacturers of this company prefer a combination of uncomplicated shapes, a wide variety of colors and high quality. The same can be said for Lacoste perfumes, which do not use bows, monograms and incredible shapes as frames. The philosophy that Lacoste perfume conceals in itself can be briefly described in three words - sport, cheerfulness, striving forward.

The fragrance with the crocodile logo was first released in 1984. It was Lacoste Pour Homme Original eau de toilette. Like all subsequent ones, this fragrance for men was charged with energy and called for action. At the same time, there was a classic restraint in it, which adorns a man so much.

Having laid the foundation for the perfumery history of the brand, its creators did not limit themselves only to the men's perfumery line, allowing women to appreciate Lacoste perfumes. The first Lacoste eau de toilette for women was launched in 1999. Without further ado, the creators named it “Lacoste for Women”. Simple and graceful, the fragrance is multifaceted at the same time, using fruity, floral, green and spicy notes to create it. The Lacoste woman is as versatile and sensual as the composition of this fragrance.

The eau de parfum Lacoste Pour Femme, which has already become a classic, attracts freedom-loving and uninhibited women with a flower bouquet of Bulgarian rose, white heliotrope, hibiscus and Iranian jasmine. And sandalwood, musk, cedar and Jamaican pepper, which give the aroma a slight astringency and special chic, will undoubtedly please any self-sufficient and self-confident lady who is used to always achieving her goals. These Lacoste perfumes appeared in 2003, and are still not inferior in popularity to many new products.

For several years, perfumers working for Lacoste have been creating an ode to pink, choosing the aromatic notes that best characterize this bright and positive color. The result of their efforts was a whole series of "pink" fragrances for bright girls and women who are able to fall in love with just one look and, what can we hide, sometimes looking at the world around them through rose-colored glasses.

She opened a collection of fragrances dedicated to pink in 2004 with Lacoste Touch Of Pink eau de toilette. By touching the pink bottle that frames this Lacoste perfume, you can immediately get into the bright and cheerful whirlpool of citrus fruits. After enjoying the freshness and positive emotions that the orange scent is capable of giving, you can feel like the most delicate creature among violets and jasmine, and then plunge headlong into a warm and sensual mix of vanilla, sandalwood and musk.

In 2008, adding notes of sweet red berries and lotus to the “pink” composition, Lacoste released a limited edition of Lacoste Dream of Pink Eau de Toilette. An even more romantic and vibrant scent attracted the attention of many girls who are always striving for freedom and happiness. The latest fragrance from the "pink" series to date is the equally bright and positive Eau de Toilette Lacoste Love of Pink, which was released in 2009.

It turned out that Lacoste loves not only positive colors, but also the most positive time of the year - spring. This is confirmed by the perfume Lacoste Touch of Spring, which, thanks to its floral, watery and green notes, give a spring mood at any time of the year.

For those who prefer deeper and more spicy scents, Lacoste suggests trying Lacoste Inspiration perfume. At first glance, the packaging of this Lacoste Eau de Toilette might suggest that there is a light marine scent behind it, but in fact, Lacoste Inspiration perfume is full of spicy, woody and musky notes. They envelop in a veil of mystery and are able to give every woman a secret that all men want to unravel.

lacoste toilet water
lacoste toilet water

Lacoste men's perfumery has long been one of the most popular, because perfumers working for this brand manage to combine the almost incompatible - seriousness, which emphasizes the high status of a man, and cheerfulness, with which every day feels like a holiday.

The masculine and laconic fragrance of Lacoste Pour Homme eau de toilette, released in 2002, still conquers both male and female hearts. And the bottles of Lacoste Style in Play perfume, which appeared two years later, can already be collected by many men, because they have chosen this scent for a long time, and do not change it. And there is nothing surprising in this, because this Lacoste eau de toilette is an amazing combination of green, spicy, woody and musky notes.

lacoste perfume for women
lacoste perfume for women

In 2006, the men's perfume Lacoste Cool Play was released, which the creators unmistakably supplemented with chilling notes of gin and tonic. But, despite the freshness of this Lacoste eau de toilette, it can delight its fans all year round, since the spicy and woody shades present in this fragrance can warm both a man and his darling even in the most severe frosts. And for lovers of even warmer and more enchanting aromas, Lacoste Hot Play eau de toilette was released, in which woody and spicy notes are sustained precisely in the concentration that can charm everyone around.

Elegant and modern Lacoste Elegance, energetic Lacoste Challenge, romantic but no less masculine Lacoste Essential, which in 2010 was complemented by a new version of Lacoste Essential Sport - all these Lacoste men's perfumes are imbued with the spirit of sports and life victories, which they strive for. all real men.

Inna Dmitrieva

Women's magazine JustLady

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