How To Stick Eyelash Tufts

How To Stick Eyelash Tufts
How To Stick Eyelash Tufts

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How to stick eyelash tufts
How to stick eyelash tufts

Many girls dream of having beautiful, thick and long eyelashes, but not everyone is given such a luxury by nature. Thanks to the appearance of the eyelash extension procedure, women were able to have the desired eyelashes, moreover, even at home. Location: Location: If mascara doesn't make them look the way you would like to behold, bunches are the best way out. After the procedure, the eyes become more expressive, and the girl can not dye her eyelashes, thus saving time, which is usually spent on morning or evening makeup.

Bunches of eyelashes can be glued not only along the entire eyelid, but also partially, creating the most unusual images with the help of eyelashes. Lashes are made in bundles of different lengths, which allows you to choose the most suitable option.

In order to stick eyelashes in bundles, you need to prepare some materials. You will need a package with the eyelashes themselves, special glue, tweezers, a piece of foil and, of course, a mirror.

Before proceeding with the process itself, you need to degrease the skin around the eyes, remove makeup. A simple wash will be enough if there is no makeup. Put some glue on the foil. Using tweezers, remove the first tuft of eyelashes from the bag and dip its base in the glue.

Start the procedure from the outer corner of the eye. Stick as close to the natural growth line of your real lashes as possible, but not on them, as there is a possibility of injury when removing artificial hairs.

When the beam is in its place, it is necessary to fix it, for which it is enough to press it slightly with tweezers over the entire surface. This procedure is carried out very carefully, otherwise you can accidentally shift the beam or "skew" the direction of their growth.

When the previous bundle is glued, you can proceed to the next one, having waited a couple of minutes to be sure that the glue is dry. Glue the next bundles in the same way. When the desired effect is achieved, the growth line can be corrected with eyeliner, eyeliner or dark shadows.

When you decide to remove your eyelashes, use a special liquid for this, which you apply with a cotton swab. The eyelash tufts can be peeled off the glue and, if not damaged, used again.

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