How To Make Your Face Look Young

How To Make Your Face Look Young
How To Make Your Face Look Young

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How to make your face look young
How to make your face look young

Facial aging is a loss of skin elasticity. Adverse changes become more noticeable with age. Begin grooming yourself before they become apparent. Location: Location: The first wrinkles around the eyes are especially noticeable. Moisturize your skin more often - in the morning, in the evening, if necessary, then throughout the day. Get a special eye cream, preferably one with a dense, nourishing texture. Use products containing retinoids - they promote cell renewal, make the skin soft and the face fresh.

If age-related changes are not yet noticeable, start drinking more water. It is known that with age, the moisture in the cells becomes less, the skin fades. Fluid is needed to prevent this process. Drink non-carbonated mineral water,

Retains youth and green tea. This drink is actively used in cosmetology. It is believed that the extract from green tea prevents the formation of the first wrinkles, helps to moisturize the skin, it is introduced into the composition of face products, shower gels. By drinking green tea, you help accelerate metabolism, which is very important for maintaining youthful skin.

Include in the diet foods containing vitamins, eat fruits - apricots, avocados, mangoes, figs, lemon, eat vegetables - artichokes, broccoli, spinach, legumes.

Start using anti-aging masks, by the way, they can be prepared from the above products.

Apricot juice is nutritious, tones and softens. Try to simply chop up the apricot pulp, apply it to a tissue, and apply it to your face. If the skin is oily, add kefir to the mixture. Repeat the procedure 2-3 times a week. Fig juice rejuvenates well. To prepare the mask, the fig fruits must be crushed, transferred to a napkin along with the juice and applied to the face. To cleanse the skin, wipe your face with a peeled ripe fruit, rinse with water.

If the wrinkles are deep and the cosmetic products do not work, prevent adverse changes with blepharoplasty - this is a surgical correction of the eyelids. Bring clarity and shine back to the look, remove excess skin. Please note that the operation will be scheduled only after consultation with a specialist and preliminary examination.

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