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❶ How To Comb
❶ How To Comb

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How to comb
How to comb

Thanks to the fleece, even thin and thin hair looks like a lush avalanche. If you comb your hair all the way down, you get a lion's mane. If you just want to add volume to your hairstyle, comb them at the roots. Location: Location: For the bouffant to be light and beautiful, first of all, you need to wash your hair and then blow-dry it, tilting your head down. This head position will already give a small volume to the future hairstyle.

Then take a comb with fine teeth, separate a strand 3-4 cm wide, position it perpendicular to the head and start moving the other way around: not the way you usually comb your hair, but in the opposite direction. You can use styling foam or fix each strand with varnish or spray.

Hair should be well dried, while wet hair is most vulnerable, as it is easily damaged by mechanical stress.

If you are combing long hair, start at the back of the head, then move on to the sides of the head and only then to the bangs. It is better to leave a few top strands without combing, so that later they cover the hairstyle, giving it a natural look.

If in the process of combing you still have torn hairs on the comb, change it or change the nature of the movements. Form a bouffant with softening balms.

Now after combing the desired area, shape the hairstyle. Use a wide-toothed comb to comb through your fleece. Pin where necessary with invisibility, sprinkle the hair with varnish.

Experts warn that it is highly undesirable to do fleece all over the head. This can severely damage the hair, as with multiple strokes of the comb against the hair scales, they split and over time turn into a kind of tow. For the same reason, you should not comb too often.

As an alternative to combing hair that is harmful to hair, you can use techniques to add volume to your hair, such as using conditioner shampoos, blow-drying with your head tilted down, etc.

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