❶ Interesting Facts About Hair

❶ Interesting Facts About Hair
❶ Interesting Facts About Hair

Video: ❶ Interesting Facts About Hair

Video: ❶ Interesting Facts About Hair
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Interesting facts about hair
Interesting facts about hair

Imagine how much hair literally passes through the hands of hairdressers every day if each of us has approximately 90 to 150 thousand hairs growing on our heads. There is work to do! To be a true professional, you need to know and remember some interesting facts about hair. Location: Location:

Interesting Hair Facts:

1. Each hair grows approximately 0.35 millimeters per day. 12 centimeters per year.

2. About 90% of hair grows and 10% falls out.

3. The fastest hair growth is observed in the summer during sleep, as well as between the ages of 16 to 24 years.

4. The best water temperature for washing hair is 34–35oС.

5. In 84% of women after visiting a hairdressing salon the mood rises

. 6. Hair loss is observed in 60–70% of men and only in 25–40% of women. 8. 7. Daily hair loss in children - 50–80 hairs, in adults - 100–200 hairs.

8. Currently there are more than 300 thousand remedies for hair loss.

9. Baldness can only be inherited through the mother.

10.95% of human skin is covered with hairs.

11. The strength of the hair is equal to that of aluminum.

12. Human hair is approximately 5 thousand times thicker than a soap film.

13. A female braid, consisting of 200 thousand hairs, can withstand a load weighing 20 tons.

14. Hair tends to stretch and return to its original length.

15. The hair shaft is 97% protein and 3% water.

16. Hair color can change.

17. The first hairs appear in the womb.

18. The density of the hair is 300 pieces per square centimeter.

19. A person's mood can affect the condition of the hair.

20. The length of the hair on the head, which grows back during a person's life, is approximately 725 kilometers.