❶ Choose Shadows To Match The Eye Color

❶ Choose Shadows To Match The Eye Color
❶ Choose Shadows To Match The Eye Color

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Choosing eye shadows
Choosing eye shadows

There are no limits to perfection. Women know this from their own experience. do their best to emphasize their natural beauty with cosmetics. But what can express beauty more strongly than brown, gray, blue or green eyes? Only eyes with the right shade of decorative shadows. Location: Location: Correctly selected and applied shadows make women's eyes much more expressive, and the whole face more interesting. For this, it is important to harmoniously combine shadows with eye color.

If while the girl is new to the intricacies of the art of visage, it is worth opting for eye shadow palettes to create eye makeup. Here, the combination of shades has already been selected by the designers. It remains only to use the proposed option.

Eyeshadow for gray-blue eyes

Gray-blue eyes are some of the most beautiful in color. The variety of shades from light gray to blue-violet and turquoise makes it difficult to choose. To facilitate the task, you can follow a simple rule: the brighter the eye color, the darker you need to choose the shadows. If the eyes are light gray or light blue, then, on the contrary, try to avoid saturated dark shades. If you are blonde, shades of all shades of silver, blue and cool green are suitable for you, together with gray.

Shadow for green eyes

Green eyes are not common. Therefore, it is worth expressingly emphasizing such beauty. For this, golden, purple, terracotta, olive, bronze, gray or brown eyeshadows are perfect. That is, it is necessary to choose such a shade so that it is contrastingly combined with the iris of the eye. If a woman also has red hair, then she can use terracotta brown shadows.

Shadow for brown eyes

If you have brown eyes, feel free to choose any shades of eyeshadow and eyeliner. The only exceptions can be yellow, red-brown and red-lilac shades. The fact is that they emphasize the yellowness of the protein and give the eyes an expression of fatigue.

As a base, you can choose matte translucent shades of beige, milky, light lilac, light green or peach colors. For more contrasting shades, choose brighter colors - aquamarine, emerald, bright purple or brown.

When choosing shadows, it is important to take into account the shade of brown eye color. Bright tones harmonize very well with the iris of dark brown colors, but warm golden shades are suitable for light brown eyes.

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