❶ How To Remove Cuticles

❶ How To Remove Cuticles
❶ How To Remove Cuticles

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How to remove cuticles
How to remove cuticles

A beautiful and well-groomed manicure is impossible without removing the cuticle. However, in order not to damage the nail and not lead to skin inflammation, this must be done correctly. Location: Location: There are two ways to remove cuticles. The first is to treat the cuticle with a special tool to remove it, which is sold in pharmacies or specialized hand-care stores. After applying such a product, excess skin is easily removed by sliding the stick.

The second method involves removing the cuticle using special tweezers or scissors. In this case, the main thing is to use only high quality steel tools, which are best purchased in special stores, and be sure to disinfect it before each use.

Before removing excess skin around the nail in this way, you need to prepare your hands. To do this, they should be thoroughly washed and steamed in a bath with a warm solution of soap, salt or chamomile. Hands should be kept in water until the cuticle is easy enough to separate from the nail.

It is very important to remove only those cuticles that do not fit snugly against the base of the nail. Otherwise, the protective part, which is the barrier against the penetration of bacteria, could be damaged.

Steamed hands must be blotted with a clean towel and you can proceed directly to the processing process. To do this, you need to carefully move the edges of the cuticle with a special wooden spatula. And then with tweezers, cut them off, prying the edge with the lower blade. You need to remove it smoothly, from the edges of the nail to the middle, trying not to capture a lot at once. Everything must be done very carefully so as not to end up with painful burrs and cuts.

After the process of trimming excess cuticles is completed, it is better to rub an emollient oil into the skin around the nail, which will nourish it with useful substances.

The final touch in such an important matter can be a light hand massage with a moisturizer.

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