How To Choose Hair Dye

How To Choose Hair Dye
How To Choose Hair Dye

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How to choose hair dye
How to choose hair dye

There is such a variety of hair dye products on store shelves that it is not surprising to get confused when choosing. In fact, everything is not so difficult. You just have to understand some of the features of the application and imagine the desired end result. Location: Location: First, decide on the color scheme. If you want to significantly change the existing tone and shade, then try on a wig of a similar color first to make sure that the choice suits you. When choosing a nuance number, keep in mind that many manufacturers use the following digital coding scheme: the first digit (or two) is the tone, i.e. darkness of color (the lower its value, the darker the tone); the second digit (or two) is the color shade, i.e. ebb of the main tone (can be natural, red, red, ashy, etc.).Understand this encoding of your favorite brand, and you can easily understand what shade this or that number will give, and even imagine the result of mixing them.

Please note that manufacturers sometimes show an approximate result of using different tones on hair on the packaging. Those. the final color depends on your present, as the existing pigment and paint overlap.

The next important factors when choosing a color are the condition of your hair, the need for lightening and the desired color fastness.

Dyes are natural and chemical. Hair can be lightened only with chemical agents. Also, for high-quality coloring of gray hair, it is better to take a chemical dye.

According to the degree of durability, the products are tinted (usually in the form of a mousse or balm, they last until the next hair wash), tinted (washed off after 10-15 washes) and persistent (not washed off, although the color fades over time). Lightening drugs are also persistent.

Persistent dyes penetrate deep into the hair structure, which means they damage it. Therefore, it is not recommended to use them on hair with a perm or after blonding (for example, when lightening black hair). In these cases, it is better to use tinting or tint dyes. Although if you have a lot of gray hair, you cannot do without persistent paints.

With toners, you can refresh your hair color, make it shinier, darken it, or simply give it a different shade. But they do not allow to lighten the color. Therefore, it makes no sense to take them lighter than your current tone.

Tint products simply envelop the hair without penetrating it - they are the softest, but do not give a rich color and also cannot lighten.

Natural dyes - henna, basma - not only color the hair, but also take care of it. They come in different shades, but do not give a very lasting result and require that you rinse your hair with the selected infusion regularly after washing. But keep in mind that natural remedies can only be used on natural hair color or a similar natural preparation. After perm or chemical dyes, natural products can give unpredictable results.

Now you know the secrets of hair dye, which means you can make the right choice.

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