What To Do With The First Wrinkles?

What To Do With The First Wrinkles?
What To Do With The First Wrinkles?

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What to do with the first wrinkles?
What to do with the first wrinkles?

Over time, the skin begins to fade, wrinkles appear on it. The age at which they arise depends on the individual characteristics of the skin, the degree of your care for it, and the ecology. But whenever the first wrinkles appear, they inevitably upset women. Location: Location:

What to do at the first signs of skin aging? First of all, it is necessary to carry out their enhanced prevention of their deepening. Monitor your diet and use creams that are appropriate for your age and skin type.

It is also important not to overload the facial muscles. Do not squint once again, do not wry your mouth, do not frown your eyebrows and forehead. Perform contrasting washes and toning facial massage. It is not necessary to go to expensive salons, elementary self-massage will be extremely useful.

If you have the first folds on your skin, this does not mean that you can stop following the above recommendations. On the contrary, they need to be observed even more carefully, while changing your cream to a special cream to combat wrinkles.

It's good if you have more than one universal cream, but separate day and night cream. Modern cosmetology offers a large number of different skin products that have a peeling and lifting effect. Combine store-bought creams with homemade traditional medicine masks.

Do not rush to contact plastic surgeons and get Botox injections or face lifts. The first wrinkles are not as striking as you might think. You are looking at yourself in the mirror and critically examining yourself from a very close distance. And your interlocutors see you from a greater distance and are unlikely to notice changes on your face.

In addition, a well-chosen hairstyle and well-done makeup will help to visually even out the skin texture. For example, bangs can hide wrinkles on the forehead. As for corrective makeup, first of all, take care of sufficient skin hydration. When dry, wrinkles become more pronounced.

Use a fat-free foundation to match your skin tone. Apply it all over your face, avoiding the nasolabial folds, otherwise the foundation will highlight the wrinkles even more. At the same time, make sure that there are no sharp transitions in color, apply the cream evenly and shade it thoroughly.

Do not use powder to conceal wrinkles around the eyes, prefer creamy concealers. Use eyeliner only for the upper eyelid and avoid oily eyeshadow. They will clog into folds on the eyelids and thus accentuate wrinkles.

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