❶ 7 Steps To A Great Figure

❶ 7 Steps To A Great Figure
❶ 7 Steps To A Great Figure

Video: ❶ 7 Steps To A Great Figure

Video: ❶ 7 Steps To A Great Figure
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7 steps to a great figure
7 steps to a great figure

Each person at a certain stage of his life begins to think about how ideal his figure is. It is immediately worth noting that everyone has a different concept of the ideal and it is not a fact that your idea of an ideal figure coincides with the opinion of at least your loved ones. Therefore, speaking on the topic of an ideal figure, you should immediately decide that the ideal is a figure that corresponds to your age, your height, your health and other aspects of your physiology. Location: Location:

If you nevertheless decide that you need to change the figure, then the following recommendations will help you, there are only seven of them. But before analyzing specific steps, it should be borne in mind that the path to the ideal figure will be based on three concepts: systematic, regular and not rushed.

1. You must realize the need for a radical change in your life and be ready for this.

Any road starts with the first step. For you, such a step should be the decision to radically change the established order of your life, and once and for all, as well as your psychological and physical readiness for this. If you are determined to just give it a try, and then how it goes, then it is better not to start.

2. You must decide on a goal.

Only the presence of a certain goal allows a person, in spite of everything, to go towards achieving it, therefore, it is immediately necessary to decide what you want to achieve as a result of the changes: to reduce weight, to give a slim figure, or simply to lead a healthy lifestyle. As a rule, when it comes to an ideal figure, then the goal is to reduce weight, maintain the achieved weight and make the figure slim. In order to constantly monitor the progress of achieving your goal, keep yourself a diary where you make a plan for the day, for a week, for a month, etc. Firstly, it will be easier for you to control yourself, and secondly, every day, realizing that you are achieving the desired intermediate result and clearly following the goal, your psychological attitude will only increase.

3. Always act with awareness.

Building an ideal figure is not the case when one should be guided by impulses and suddenly surging emotions. Every day you must clearly understand what you are doing and why. The best way to keep track of how much and how often you eat is to write down the foods you ate throughout the day and then analyze how often it was appropriate to snack or consume large amounts of food. It is possible that you are trying to relieve nervous tension with food, then you should just keep low-calorie foods, such as vegetables or fruits, next to you in moments of stress.

4. Pay attention to your diet.

For some reason, many people believe that if you eat very little, you will lose weight faster, and some people generally start starving. Fasting will never lead to an ideal figure, it will only disrupt the functioning of the body's systems and it is good, if only temporarily. Proper nutrition is not a refusal to eat, it is a balanced diet. The food must contain all the necessary substances required for the normal and healthy functioning of the body. If you find it difficult to decide on a diet, then build a diet by dividing the daily allowance of foods into three categories: vegetables, cereals and foods containing protein. Each category should take up a third of the daily ration, no more and no less. Estimate how many calories are in excess of the amount you need. The required number of calories directly depends on the lifestyle that you lead,therefore, you will have to do the calculations and determine the balance for yourself.

5. Activity and more activity.

Of course, not many of us can afford systematic sports, fitness, gym, etc., but without activity, a person turns into a “vegetable”. Nobody forces you to engage in daily physical activity and build muscle. Ideally, of course, it would be to go to the gym 2-3 times a week, but if you have no time, try to raise muscle tone and at the same time burn calories with banal morning jogging, hiking, instead of transport trips, walking up stairs, and not by elevator, etc. It is important to remember that weight must not only be reduced, for an ideal figure it is important to have a beautiful muscle texture, and from losing weight you will only have flabbiness in the tissues and muscles.

6. Find yourself a support group It is

always better to achieve something that requires a lot of effort with someone, so find like-minded friends or just acquaintances who would support you, and best of all follow a common goal with you.

7. Plan yourself a long-term improvement program.

It is said that a goal loses its attractiveness once it is achieved. This statement is very suitable for the idea of creating an ideal figure. You have planned everything, you have achieved the desired result in a few months of hard work, and here the body begins to whisper to you that it would be nice to relax a little, allow yourself a little extra. Well, what will be bad if you return to your old way of life for a day or two? Know that by allowing the slightest relaxation, you will lose control of yourself. No, of course, one day will not solve anything, the figure will not change, but the psychological attitude will change, and how. It should be remembered that initially the goal was set not only to achieve an ideal figure, but also to preserve it. To avoid such conflicts with yourself, make a plan for your physiological transformation not for a month or six months, but for a year,for three, for five years.

Finally, I would like to note - the most important thing is the emotional attitude and belief in one's own strength.