❶ Beauty Secrets From Japan

❶ Beauty Secrets From Japan
❶ Beauty Secrets From Japan

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Beauty secrets from Japan
Beauty secrets from Japan

Japan is a country with ancient cultural traditions, including in cosmetology. The local women are famous for their refined beauty, the basis of which is beautiful skin, it is rightfully called porcelain. Thanks to ancient secrets, Japanese women manage to preserve their youth for a very long time, doing without wrinkles and gray hair until old age. As a result of globalization, the secrets of beauty from Japan have become known to European women. Location: Location: European nutritionists have only recently begun to promote split and split meals. A similar approach to food has long existed in Japan. A variety of dishes are served on the table in small plates, based on vegetables, seafood and rice. Each dish is beautifully decorated and presented with great art. At the meal, everyone eats a little, with pleasure, trying from each dish,take your time and enjoy the aesthetics of the table setting.

Such a number of dishes can be prepared because they are practically not subjected to heat treatment. In Japanese cuisine, there are no recipes that require many hours of stewing or baking or roasting. Fresh vegetables, boiled rice, meat and fish. All products according to Japanese nutritional rules must be served immediately after preparation, only freshly prepared dishes are consumed.

Meat and poultry are rare guests on the Japanese table, but a wide variety of seafood, rich in vitamins and minerals, is their favorite food. You will not find pasta and potatoes traditional for the Russian table in Japan. Besides, the favorite drink here is green tea, which has a high antioxidant effect.

Food is of course the foundation of beauty, but Japanese women also use beauty secrets to help them have healthy and beautiful skin and hair. For hair that is distinguished by silkiness and shine, women use masks based on camellia oil. To prevent dandruff on blue-black hair, a few tablespoons of apple cider vinegar are added to the water to rinse the hair of the Japanese woman.

Nourishing masks based on clay are used by women from the Land of the Rising Sun for facial skin. In such a mask, they add coarse oatmeal, rice bran, chopped seaweed and chamomile flowers. For masks and aromatherapy, the healing and cosmetic properties of essential oils are used.

The Japanese are known for their discipline. Women in this sense are in no way inferior to men. Every day, almost all of them give themselves a facial massage called shiatsu. There is no pressure or tapping in it, this miraculous massage is done, barely touching the skin of the face, running your fingers along certain massage lines.

Sea salt body scrubs are another beauty secret from Japan. Mixed with therapeutic mud, it is used before every bath, which helps Japanese women not even know what cellulite is.

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