❶ How To Cure Acne Skin

❶ How To Cure Acne Skin
❶ How To Cure Acne Skin

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How to cure acne skin
How to cure acne skin

Acne causes discomfort and psychological discomfort. When they appear, I really want to get rid of them as soon as possible - delete them. However, cleaning and other cosmetic procedures are best left to professionals. At home, you can treat acne skin with masks and rubbing with medicinal products. Location: Location: Along with the treatment of acne, it is necessary to eliminate the causes of their appearance. The most common of them are age-related hormonal imbalances, an increase in androgen levels during puberty, an increase in steroid hormones before the onset of the menstrual cycle, hyperkeratosis, lack of vitamin A, prolonged friction of the skin, lipid metabolism disorders, unbalanced nutrition, diseases of the gastrointestinal tract, stress, hereditary predisposition,improper skin care and many others. A dermatologist and a cosmetologist will most accurately determine the cause of the problem.

The simplest and most effective method of treating acne is compresses, baths and wiping with medicinal herbs. So, to wipe the skin of the face with irritations, acne, subcutaneous acne and oily skin, use an ointment from a tree-like aloe. To prepare it, cut off a few leaves of aloe and leave them in a dark, cool place for 10 days. After that, the leaves are crushed to gruel, poured with boiled water, boiled and filtered.

With subcutaneous acne and acne, you can make lotions from the inflorescence of calendula inflorescences. To do this, pour a tablespoon of dry inflorescences with ½ liter of boiled water, insist in a dark, cool place for half an hour. Then the mixture is filtered, cooled and wiped on the face.

An infusion of St. John's wort will help reduce the oily face and relieve irritation.

Infusion of sage leaves with honey is used for seborrheic dermatitis, for quick cleansing of the face from acne, in the treatment of acne. To prepare it, you need 1 tablespoon of sage leaves, a glass of boiled water and half a teaspoon of honey. The mixture is heated in a water bath, insisted, filtered and wiped on the face 3 times a day.

Chamomile infusion will help to normalize the metabolic processes of the skin.

Masks made of blue clay, vegetables, tea, oatmeal, eggs effectively help get rid of acne. For example, a cucumber mask can help get rid of acne and brighten the skin. The basis for the mask is done like this: rub a fresh cucumber on a grater, pour it with boiled water, leave for 20 minutes in a cool place, and spread the cooled mass over the face for ten minutes.

Diet is important when treating acne. To normalize the function of the sebaceous glands, you need to exclude spicy, salty, fatty foods from the diet. In particular, you should refrain from alcohol, sweets, chips, carbonated drinks, flavored teas, and confectionery. Preference should be given to fresh vegetables and fruits, cereals, poultry and fish.

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