❶ How To "lose Weight Face"

❶ How To "lose Weight Face"
❶ How To "lose Weight Face"

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How to "lose weight face"
How to "lose weight face"

People around most often evaluate the complexion of the figure by the face. And the fuller your face, the bigger people think you are fat. Let's try to figure out what rules will help make the face more graceful and sophisticated, and how to properly lose weight on the face. Location: Location:

Most of all, women with the "apple" body type face problems in the area of ​​the face, whose stomach and legs lose weight in the first place, while the shoulders and face remain the same. The most common causes of saggy cheeks and double chin are weakened muscles, thyroid problems, dramatic weight loss and excess weight.

It is necessary to consume at least two liters of water per day. Green tea and still mineral water should be preferred. With a lack of water, the body begins to accumulate fluid, and this manifests itself on the face in the form of edema.

Absolutely all alcoholic drinks must be excluded from your menu. They dehydrate the body and cause facial swelling. Do not forget about beer, as it is the most harmful for a beautiful face.

More than half of your diet should be fruits and vegetables. The fiber contained in them tones the skin and normalizes metabolic processes. Vegetable and fruit meals should be consumed at least three times a day.

Firming masks should be applied at least once a week. They nourish the skin with useful substances, speed up metabolic processes, due to which it loses excess water and fluid faster.

Massage of the cheeks and chin with a towel also contributes to slimming the face. To do this, a towel must be moistened in herbal infusion and with sharp movements pat it on the chin and cheeks. The oily the skin, the stronger the infusion should be.

In addition, you should adhere to the following simple rules: sleep on a low pillow with a roller; get in the habit of not slouching and keeping your head straight; use high-quality cosmetics; take as little medicine as possible; reduce your intake of salt, carbohydrates and sugar.

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