❶ How To Determine Your Type

❶ How To Determine Your Type
❶ How To Determine Your Type

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How to determine your type
How to determine your type

Despite the fact that men "love with their eyes," they are attracted to women mainly by their inner content. According to research by psychologists, there are five types of women, and each of them is liked by men in its own way. Location: Location: The type "blonde in life" - blonde to the core, not just a woman with light hair. Sweetheart, spontaneous and flirtatious. She takes life simply, but one of her hallmarks is capriciousness.

Moreover, it manifests itself not in hysterical antics, but in naive allusions to the desired in a gentle and insinuating voice. For example, if a real blonde's faucet breaks, she will not run to look for an adjustable wrench, but charmingly flapping her eyelashes, she will helplessly spread her hands.

The blonde in life very skillfully uses the technique of pickup and flirting. She uses it even in relation to her own husband, and husbands, as a rule, appreciate this very generously.

The “teenage girl” type usually attracts insecure men who find it difficult to make up their minds. In family life, such women, as a rule, lead and keep their husbands "under the thumb."

They conquer with their activity and efficiency. However, a wise woman-girl understands that a man sometimes wants to take the initiative and feel like a loving husband, caring for his very young wife. In such a situation, she begins to behave like a carefree teenage girl.

Seeing the type of "gorgeous woman", men often sigh longingly. They really like such beautiful, regal ladies.

A gorgeous woman is the embodiment of femininity, she looks and behaves like a real queen, and always remembers her destiny - to conquer men. She is mysterious, affectionate and irresistible. Being a strict boss is not her style.

With the type of "cute simpleton" you can go to the Philharmonic and drink beer. As a rule, this type of women attracts the same open and simple men. In family life, the simpleton does not turn up her nose, even with an Oxford diploma. She enjoys spending time with her husband in the garage and goes to football with him.

The type of "second mother" attracts either very active men or "mama's sons". This woman is the keeper of the hearth. She independently solves all family and household problems, without requiring help from her husband. However, the clever “second mom” understands that the “child” can sometimes be sent to the store.

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