❶ Nail Encyclopedia: Home Manicure

❶ Nail Encyclopedia: Home Manicure
❶ Nail Encyclopedia: Home Manicure

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Nail encyclopedia: home manicure
Nail encyclopedia: home manicure

There is a generally accepted opinion that well-groomed nails on women's hands are the best confirmation that the fair sex takes good care of her appearance. But sometimes a visit to the salon in order to create a professional manicure is simply impossible. And in this case, some tips from the nail encyclopedia will come to the aid of girls and ladies. Location: Location:

In order to make a beautiful and correct manicure at home, you need to know and be able to put into practice a few simple tips.

Before starting a manicure, you need to prepare the tools - sterilize a nail file, a brush for cleaning nails, a cuticle knife. Boil the base under the varnish in advance, the varnish itself and the means for fixing the manicure. It is also recommended to prepare your nails in advance - to make a bath for them of lemon juice, vegetable and essential oils.

After your hands are ready for manicure, you need to shape your nails. Round, sharp or rectangular nails are created by filing the nail plate. It is better to work with a file in one direction so that the nails do not delaminate. Be sure to finally remove the cuticle and burrs, and polish the nails with a special file or a suede cloth.

Now you can start directly with the varnish. Experts recommend applying a varnish base to the nail, which will protect the nails from pigmentation and make the manicure even and smooth. A thin layer of varnish is applied to the base. A small amount of varnish should be dripped into the center of the nail, and spread over the entire nail with even, leisurely movements.

Let the first coat of varnish dry. Only then can you apply a second layer for a rich and vibrant manicure. When the second layer dries up, a fixing liquid is applied to the nails. If polish accidentally gets on the skin around the nail, it can be removed with a nail polish remover.

In conclusion, it should be noted that only high-quality cosmetics (varnish, nail polish remover, fixing base and base for varnish) will guarantee a correct, attractive and refined manicure, which will be no worse than the professional work of a real nail master.

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