❶ 7 Little Things That Spoil Your Image

❶ 7 Little Things That Spoil Your Image
❶ 7 Little Things That Spoil Your Image

Video: ❶ 7 Little Things That Spoil Your Image

Video: ❶ 7 Little Things That Spoil Your Image
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7 little things that spoil your image
7 little things that spoil your image

You can wear the most beautiful dress, have amazing styling and use expensive high-quality cosmetics, but a few little things can ruin a flawless glamorous look. Here are some tips on how to avoid this oversight. Location: Location:

Complexion different from body color

To give the complexion a tan, some women use powder with a bronze tint. However, if the color of the neck and arms does not have such a tanned appearance, the result is deplorable: the face looks like a bronze mask. In this case, self-tanning products or going to the solarium can help. In any case, powder or foundation should be used to match the skin color, only a shade slightly lighter or darker than the natural skin color is allowed. In another case, when using scrubs and creams with a whitening effect, the natural tan is quickly washed off the face. Against the background of a tanned body, a too light face looks just as strange. In this case, on the contrary, apply bronzing powder (for example, Estée Lauder Bronze Goddess) on the forehead and nose and blend it from the cheekbones to the neck.

Lipstick on the teeth

This is especially noticeable if the lips are painted with red lipstick. Considering that it is usually used on the most solemn occasions, such an incident can ruin the most beautiful smile. To prevent this oversight, you don't need to apply lipstick to the inner lip area. You can also use the secret of famous makeup artists: apply a little petroleum jelly to the front teeth.

Greasy shine

Greasy shine of the T-zone can spoil the impression of the most spectacular makeup. To prevent this from happening, use a primer before applying makeup. Also use a foundation suitable for your skin type and sheer powder. If, however, over time, an oily sheen appears, you do not need to powder it; it is best to blot your face with a matting napkin.

Small eyes

A big mistake in smoky eyes is to apply a rich black eyeliner along the lash line, because it visually reduces the eyes. It is better to line up the eyes with a very thin line, you can also use brown or dark gray shadows instead of black. All lines must be shaded, and a little highlighter should be applied to the corners of the eyes.

Tousled eyebrows Tousled eyebrows can look even perfectly plucked. At the end of the make-up, you need to comb your eyebrows with a special brush, you can also additionally fix the effect with an eyebrow gel. Instead of gel, you can use an alternative solution - hairspray: for this you need to apply a drop of varnish to your finger and distribute it over your eyebrows.

Peeled nail polish

A piece of nail polish can chip off at the most unexpected moment. To correct this defect, if it occurs, you can carry a varnish in a tube-handle with you in your purse (for example, this type of varnish is produced by Yves Saint Laurent and Sally Hansen). And if necessary, you can correct the manicure.

Extra Concealer

Light streaks from concealer look worse than dark circles under the eyes, making a woman look like a panda. A concealer should be chosen 1 tone lighter than the face, and it can also be applied exclusively to well-hydrated skin. To make the concealer lay down evenly, you need to blend it with your fingertips.