❶ Subtleties Of Applying Makeup In Brown Tones

❶ Subtleties Of Applying Makeup In Brown Tones
❶ Subtleties Of Applying Makeup In Brown Tones

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The subtleties of applying makeup in brown tones
The subtleties of applying makeup in brown tones

The most appropriate, beautiful and natural makeup is considered to be brown. Shades of brown will help to mask flaws well, or vice versa, emphasize advantages. Unfortunately, not all brown color combinations are perfect. That is why before you start applying makeup, study a few recommendations. Location: Location:

First cleanse your skin well and apply foundation. Makeup artists advise using cold matte brown colors in winter and summer, and pearlescent and warm colors in autumn and spring. But this does not cancel the rule for selecting a shade depending on your color type. The fact is that, for example, a warm brown color can make the look of people with a summer type unhealthy. The best way to figure these things out in practice is by experimenting with different brown shades. But there are colors that don't suit anyone. These include red-brick and red-brown tones. They can make the eyes sore and sore.

Use lighter shades of light beige before applying dark eyeshadow. Apply a make-up base all over the eyelid and under the eyebrows. Then you can apply darker shades.

When using eyeliner, keep in mind that its color should not be lighter than the shadows, and it should not be brown. If you prefer to use a black eyeliner, use a dark gray better. Then apply brown mascara. This will help harmonize your makeup.

When choosing shadows, pay attention to the special palettes of brown shades, in which you will find suitable light, medium and dark tones. Apply a light shade to the inner corner of the eye, a medium shade to the middle of the eyelid, and a dark shade to the outer corner. Do not forget to carefully shade all the transitions so that the border between the colors is not visible.

The brown range has a very large selection of lipstick shades. But remember that a lipstick with a pure brown tint may not work for you. Since the natural shade of the lips is pink, it must also find its reflection in the lipstick.

Lip liner should not differ from lipstick color by more than two shades. A very dark liner can make lips look unkempt and even messy. To completely cover the contour line of the pencil, use a special lipstick brush.

Do not use excessively bright and dark blush, they are suitable only for photography. On ordinary days, it is better to refuse to use such colors. Natural blush should be pink. You can get a pinkish beige blush. They will play well the role of the final touch in the brown makeup.

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