The Truth About The Dangers Of Solarium

The Truth About The Dangers Of Solarium
The Truth About The Dangers Of Solarium

Video: The Truth About The Dangers Of Solarium

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The truth about the dangers of solarium
The truth about the dangers of solarium

To get a great and even tan or to prepare your skin before traveling to warmer countries, you can go to a tanning bed. Also, many psychotherapists have recently recommended visiting a solarium to relieve stress and depression, especially in the winter. But, despite the obvious benefits of infrared lamps, there is also a negative side of their effect. Location: Location:

Before visiting a solarium, it is recommended to consult a doctor, as not everyone can benefit from the "artificial sun". There are also some simple rules to follow. It is not recommended to visit the solarium if: have your period have lesions on your skin (open wounds, cuts, large birthmarks, rash, etc.) are using strong medications and antidepressants have had or are currently suffering from tuberculosis have tumors (malignant and benign)

6.lotions for use in tanning beds cause you allergies

In other cases, you can visit the solarium, but you should also not forget about the simple truths:

1. Do not spend too much time under solarium lamps, especially if this is your first visit. You should always remember about the "golden mean"

2. Use special tanning lotions and creams to protect your skin from sunburn and flaking

3.Use goggles and chest stickers

There is also a very good piece of advice: take a closer look and listen to your feelings. After all, we are all different, our skin is also different.

People with dark skin are better able to tolerate the sun, and vice versa, light-skinned people more actively respond to radiation in a tanning bed.

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