❶ Chinese Anti-aging Food

❶ Chinese Anti-aging Food
❶ Chinese Anti-aging Food

Video: ❶ Chinese Anti-aging Food

Video: ❶ Chinese Anti-aging Food
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Chinese anti-aging food
Chinese anti-aging food

The food system for the Chinese is not only rejuvenating, it is, first of all, wellness. It is designed to maintain the energy balance of the body, accordingly, to prevent possible diseases and changes in well-being. In the minds of the Chinese, the entire material world consists of the interaction of five elements. These are wind, fire, earth, metal and water. Everything in the world is woven from these elements - so the ancient Chinese thought, so they still think so. Location: Location:

Chinese alternative medicine uses knowledge of the five primary elements to heal the body. The essence of the methodology is in the idea that health, youth and beauty are the result of a good balance of the five elements in the human body. As soon as, for any reason, this balance is disturbed, diseases, ailments, premature wilting and the like occur. By the way, diseases also correspond to the nature of the elements, which at the moment are in excess or in deficiency in the body.

Man consists of what he eats. Foods also correspond to certain elements, depending on the composition and color, as well as the influence they have. Thanks to the teaching of the five elements, you can regulate your health by choosing products that accumulate or, conversely, oppress certain types of energies.

The elements are interconnected with each other. One of the other arises, the movement of energy occurs in a circle, clockwise. Wood (green) gives rise to Fire (red), Fire gives rise to Earth (yellow), Earth gives rise to Metal (white), Metal gives rise to Water (black).

Compliance with the age stages of a person:

Wood: infancy, childhood

Fire: youth

Earth: maturity

Metal: old age

Water: extinction, death

To maintain youth and health, a person must join the elements of Wood and Fire. From birth, every person has a penchant for a certain element. This predisposition remains for life.

As mentioned above, the products correspond to the elements in color and consistency. Here are some examples:

Wood: all kinds of greens, unripe fruits, sour taste.

Fire: food of red-orange color, hot pepper, taste - bitter.

Earth: foods are yellowish, juicy, ripe, fatty, taste - sweet.

Metal: white, brown, dried products - cereals, tea, etc. The taste is tart, salty.

Water: cold, dark colored foods, stale or inanimate (meat). The taste of a spoiled product.

It must be remembered that usually products combine several elements at the same time, a person must highlight the prevailing energy that is right for him at the moment. In nature, products of the same color are rarely found, usually mixed. For example, a cabbage head represents green and white at the same time, carrots - yellow, orange and red.

For a better understanding of the subject, it is worth considering a few sample recipes that combine all five elements. In the first place everyone's favorite vegetable salad: green is represented by cucumbers, parsley, dill, red - tomatoes, yellow - sunflower or olive oil, white - onions, black - salt.

In second place is a sandwich with brisket, with herbs and vegetables: wheat bread, parsley, cucumbers, cilantro are presented in green, tomatoes are in red, cheese is yellow, garlic is white, and peasant-style brisket and salt are black. On the third - pork roast, where green onions and cucumbers are green, tomatoes and beets are red, olive or sunflower oil and carrots are yellow, onions and zucchini are white, black is salt and pork is fat.