Vitamins For Nail Growth

Vitamins For Nail Growth
Vitamins For Nail Growth

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Vitamins for nail growth
Vitamins for nail growth

The reasons for slow growth, brittleness, delamination, irregularities and yellow nails can be: aggressive environment and inadequate hand care. But most often, weak nails signal a lack of the necessary vitamins in the body. The solution to this problem will be the intake of synthetic or natural vitamins to strengthen and grow nails. Location: Location: Pharmaceutical companies offer specially formulated multivitamin complexes for nail growth that can be purchased at pharmacies. If you try to eat a balanced diet, eat fresh fruits and vegetables, meat and fish, dairy products every day, then most likely the listed problems will not affect you even during the spring beriberi. But if by February you feel constant tiredness, apathy and quickly get tired,this indicates a lack of vitamins in the body. One way or another, carefully monitor the condition of the nails, and if the first signs of vitamin deficiency appear - stratification, brittleness, discoloration, roughness, tuberosity, etc. - it is worth starting to be interested in complexes for nutrition and strengthening of nails.

Perhaps the main sign of healthy nails is their normal growth. Pharmaceutical preparations should include the following vitamins (however, with a properly selected diet, medicines may well be replaced by products). You can understand what exactly your nails are missing by looking closely at the changes that occur to them.

The formation of white streaks will indicate a lack of vitamins of group B, partly A, C, E and calcium. Exfoliation of nails, brittleness, dryness, slow growth and thinning - the body lacks vitamins C, D, E, A. The yellow color, embossed grooves indicate a lack of vitamin PP. It is found in bread, brewer's yeast, liver, fish, lean meat, poultry breast, eggs, cheese, potatoes, sesame seeds, dates, and prunes.

Vitamin A enters the body along with the liver of beef, chicken or fish, with fish oil, butter, egg yolk.

Vitamin E is supplied by vegetable oil, sunflower seeds and nuts, liver, eggs, cereals, legumes, broccoli, rose hips, sea buckthorn, mountain ash.

Sources of vitamin D are fish oil, herring, mackerel, salmon, tuna and dairy products, and vitamin C - kiwi, cabbage, citrus fruits, currants, rose hips.

Supplementing with calcium, which is abundant in dairy products, and silicon, which are sourced from onions, spinach and seafood, can help spur nail growth. Don't avoid foods containing iron either. Iodine and sulfur are equally active in promoting rapid nail growth.

If you give preference to synthetic multivitamins or dietary supplements, all of the above should be present in a wellness complex for the growth and strengthening of nails.

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