❶ Styling Curly Hair: Taming Curls

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❶ Styling Curly Hair: Taming Curls
❶ Styling Curly Hair: Taming Curls

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Styling curly hair: taming curls
Styling curly hair: taming curls

Owners of curly curls often dream of straight hair, assuming that it is easier to care for them. However, this view is incorrect. Styling secrets and proper care of curls will allow you to turn weakened unruly hair into beautiful lush curls. Location: Location:


Since curly hair does not fit tightly around the scalp, contact with the fat layer is limited. The consequence of this is the tendency of the hair to dryness. Also, a head with curls is characterized by an uneven surface layer of the skin, which leads to hypersensitivity of the hair to external influences. All these factors are an indication for the gentle care of curly hair. After shampooing, while your hair is damp, wrap your head in a terry towel. Press lightly on it with your fingertips so that the water is well absorbed after washing. Avoid rubbing your hair with a towel. Use a wide-toothed comb to detangle curls. If you use a brush for this, curly hair will become untidy splendor.

Nutrition and protection

Curly hair needs a rich nutrition. It is almost impossible to overdo it with their conditioning. Rinses and shampoos with natural lipids such as macadamia oil, jojoba oil or shea butter envelop each hair with a protective film. Thanks to this, the curls retain their structure perfectly.

For curly hair, you must use products specially designed for them. They will give the curls elasticity, and make it possible to style curly hair, curl to curl, without gluing or drying them.

As the hot air dries your hair a lot, it is best to let it dry naturally. If there is no time for this, turn on the hair dryer at a low temperature and apply special protective agents to wavy hair before drying. If you value the health of your curls and want to protect them from stress, try to avoid using irons to get rid of frizzy hair.


Use electric curlers to tame curly hair. Using them will turn matted, dull hair with dense curls into soft curls. The larger the curlers are, the fuller and softer the curls will be.

Among the easy hairstyles for curly hair, the sloppy head is the most relevant. To create an "artistic mess" on your head, apply a small amount of mousse to dry hair and wrap the hair into papillotes in thick strands. Heat the curled hair with a hairdryer for a few minutes and, after allowing it to cool, remove the papillotes. Shape your hair with your fingers. Don't brush your hair.

The secret of the best haircut for curly hair lies in the thinning and graduation of the strands. So the curls get the opportunity to reveal themselves in all their glory. If the wavy hair has the same length, the hairstyle will become excessively splendid and lose its individuality.

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