❶ How To Weave A Four-strand Braid

❶ How To Weave A Four-strand Braid
❶ How To Weave A Four-strand Braid

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How to weave a four-strand braid
How to weave a four-strand braid

The braid is not a simple boring school hairstyle. If desired, it can be easily made festive, original and very, very stylish. For example, you can weave it not from three strands, as usual, but from four. Location: Location: A braid made of four strands turns out to be more textured and voluminous. And weaving it will not take you much time.

First, wash your hair, dry it, but not completely - it should remain slightly moisturized. Comb them back towards the back of your head. Divide your hair into two sections, and then cut each one in half. Make sure they match in width.

It is most convenient to start weaving from the rightmost strand. Take it in your right hand and put it on an adjacent strand. Then take the leftmost strand with your left hand and throw it over to those that you already hold in your right.

Continue braiding further. Take the strand on the far left and intertwine it with the strand on the far right, then continue weaving, shifting adjacent strands with the last but one strands. Continue braiding in this way to the length you would like - maybe to the end of the hair, or maybe only to the middle.

Gather the hair from the temporal part of the head and join it to the top of the ponytail. Then pick up the remaining strands, pin them up with bobby pins or clips, and fix the hairstyle with hairspray.

Despite the fact that at first glance, weaving a braid of four strands seems like something incredible and difficult, you only need a couple of workouts in front of the mirror, and you will learn how to weave such a braid.

In addition to the fact that such a braid in itself can become a wonderful decoration for your head, you can also enclose it in some kind of hairstyle. For example, wrap around the base of the tail and stab with invisibility. You will get a rather original and unusual shell.

Alternatively, you can fold the braid back and secure it at the base of the tail on the back side. The result is a cute bagel.

You can experiment with the scythe as you like. The main thing is that you yourself are interested. Then the result will surprise and delight.

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