Hair: Up Or Down?

Hair: Up Or Down?
Hair: Up Or Down?

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Hair: up or down?
Hair: up or down?

What hairstyles you should wear and how to comb your hair: up or down, depends on many factors, from mood to body type. But one of the most important parameters to consider when choosing a hairstyle is the type of face. It can be oval, round, triangular or square. Outline the contour of your face from the photo taken in frontal view and you will understand what type the shape of your face can be attributed to. Location: Location:

If your face is round, you should not wear hairstyles with hair pulled over your forehead, ears or eyes. In order to visually extend the oval of the face, lift your hair up or comb it to the crown. Torn bangs on a short haircut with combed hair on top will look good. By lifting your hair from your forehead, and leaving curly strands on the sides, you will achieve that your face looks like an oval, regular shape. Avoid hairstyles with a parting in the middle, combed smoothly.

The ideal and the most unpretentious is the oval face shape, any hairstyle will suit it: long or short, with hair raised up, or let down. The only recommendation, especially for those who like to wear long hair, is their beautiful, healthy and well-groomed appearance.

The rectangular, elongated face shape will be corrected with a voluminous hairstyle with bangs and hair pulled from the cheeks. If the hairstyle is short, then the hair can be curled at the temples, and the bangs can be combed, the face will seem less elongated. Women with an elongated face should avoid hairstyles with hair drooping down - squares, curls hanging on the sides.

If your face is short and square, then in order to hide a heavy chin, wear your hair down, but around the face it should be cut and lowered along the cheeks. An asymmetric hairstyle will correct this face shape, lengthen it.

Women with a triangular face should wear curly hair at the level of the chin and below, pulled down. Avoid sleek hairstyles with long hair that is pulled up and tied in a knot at the back of the head, or hair that falls over the shoulders.

Hair raised up is also suitable for women with large facial features, as well as those with a short neck. By dropping them down, you can hide a low forehead or protruding or too large ears.

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