❶ Alginate Body Masks

❶ Alginate Body Masks
❶ Alginate Body Masks

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Alginate body masks
Alginate body masks

Alginates are natural components obtained from seaweed and enriched with active substances. Alginates combine with water to form a gel that turns into an elastic film that shrinks as it dries. Such masks exfoliate, cleanse, deeply moisturize the skin, relieve puffiness and smooth fine wrinkles. Location: Location:

In addition to alginates, various active ingredients are added to the powder for making an alginate mask for a more effective effect on the body. These are usually mineral clay, ginseng root, natural essential oils and plant extracts. Manufacturers are constantly developing new formulas for alginate masks in laboratories.

When using alginate masks, weight decreases, local fat deposits decrease, skin tone increases, blood circulation in tissues improves, metabolic processes are normalized. The skin is moisturized and tightened, in addition, the effect of cosmetic preparations that are applied under the mask is greatly enhanced.

Alginate masks are often used to combat cellulite, for this they are applied to problem areas prone to "orange peel" formation. You can apply such masks to the décolleté for the elasticity of the breast skin. For complex care, several types of masks are combined.

The mask is applied with a wide brush. After that, the treated area is wrapped in plastic wrap and left for 40 minutes. The mask tightens the skin a little. During the procedure, increased sweating may begin, this is a normal reaction of the body. Then the hardened mask is removed with a quick motion. Remains of the mask are washed off in the shower. At the end of the procedure, a light massage of problem areas with aromatic oils is performed.

According to the mechanism of action, alginate wraps are cold and hot. Hot ones dilate blood vessels, activate blood circulation. Toxins are released through the open pores. Hot wrapping is very effective, but contraindicated for varicose veins. In this case, a cold wrap will do. During this procedure, the capillaries and blood vessels are narrowed, blood and lymph deliver toxins and toxins to the cleansing organs of the body. Cold wrap is recommended for fatigue, heaviness in the legs, edema, after hardening of veins. In addition, the cooling gels for wrapping increase skin tone and promote weight loss.

Before the wrapping procedure, the body is cleansed with a scrub, in case of severe cellulite this increases blood circulation and stimulates the removal of fat and water. The skin is deeply cleansed and the active substances will act as quickly and deeply as possible.

After the procedure, you need to rest a little. To achieve good results, a course of several procedures is carried out, from 5 to 10. The procedure is performed 2 or 3 times a week, depending on the condition of the patient's skin and the state of his health in general.

The course of alginate masks is very effective in itself, but even more impressive results are achieved by combining different procedures. Cellulite treatment requires only an integrated approach. Alginate masks are combined with anti-cellulite massage, mud applications, and hardware techniques.

For gynecological, cardiovascular, skin diseases and hypertension, any wraps are not recommended. The use of alginate masks will also have to be abandoned in case of an allergic reaction to algae or seafood. Such masks are prohibited for cancer.

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