❶ How To Make Thin Hair Out Of Thick

❶ How To Make Thin Hair Out Of Thick
❶ How To Make Thin Hair Out Of Thick

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How to make thin hair out of thick
How to make thin hair out of thick

Many women dream of thick, beautiful hair. But there are those who face the opposite problem: too heavy hair is quite difficult to style, it interferes and does not lend itself to the effects of cosmetics. Location: Location: If your hair is too thick and heavy, choose specific hairstyles for it. It is best to tie them in a ponytail or braid them. When laid in this way, they will look much less voluminous. This is the simplest method to deal with excess splendor.

Do not use hair dyes, as they change the texture. Hair begins to frizz and from this it becomes even more voluminous. If absolutely necessary, use herbal coloring agents.

Choose light colors if you are going to use chemical paints. Hair in dark shades looks the most voluminous and heavy. You can try to create light highlights on your natural hair color. This will give their coloring a playful and pleasant shade, as well as visually reduce their volume.

After the coloring procedure, use special nourishing masks and balms that help restore the original hair structure, nourish it and healthy shine.

Try straightening your hair with a special iron. Straight hair always looks thinner than curly hair. And heat treatment will help make them thinner for a while. Use special styling products for thick hair.

You can contact a beauty salon with a request to have your hair thinned. This procedure is just aimed at giving the hairstyle lightness and airiness. It is produced with the help of thinning scissors, on one of the panels of which there is a comb. Each strand is cut from top to bottom, and its length is practically not shortened, only the volume and thickness change.

Do not use conditioner shampoos - they add extra volume to your hair. You should also not use two-in-one shampoos - shampoo and conditioner balm in one bottle. Such products cover the hair with an additional thick protective film, making it heavier. Of the care products, in addition to shampoo, it is better to separately choose those that are specifically targeted at your hair type.

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