❶ Epilator Or Wax Strips: What To Choose

❶ Epilator Or Wax Strips: What To Choose
❶ Epilator Or Wax Strips: What To Choose

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Epilator or wax strips: what to choose
Epilator or wax strips: what to choose

Modern concepts of aesthetics and beauty leave no chance for the survival of the hair on the female body. The ladies have declared a real war on the hairs on the legs, in the bikini area and underarms. They are ready to endure quite severe pain, but to achieve victory at any cost. The most painless epilation you can get in a professional salon, there are home remedies available to help you fight for a smoother body. Location: Location: You can buy epilation wax strips in shops and pharmacies. They can remove hair from almost the entire surface of the body, they are not suitable only for the deep bikini area. However, it is better to entrust this procedure to professionals working in beauty salons. You simply do not have enough willpower and composure to tear off the sticky strip of hairs growing in this sensitive place with your own hand.

For the rest of the skin, wax strips are ideal. You can reduce the pain of this procedure by preparing your skin beforehand. Treat the areas to be epilated with lotion or toner to defat the hair. This will help them adhere better to the wax. It is not necessary to steam the skin in advance. The warmth from the wax will be enough to help the hairs separate better.

The effect of using the strips, depending on the individual type of hair growth, can last up to 4 weeks. After regular use, the hairs become thinner and it will not be so painful to pull out. An additional advantage of wax strips is that when they are epilated, they remove dead skin cells along with the hairs, so it becomes softer and more tender. Do not forget to apply a special cream after waxing to prevent irritation.

Epilators mechanically pluck hairs using a variety of mini tweezers. This procedure is very painful, especially at first, but later the skin gets used and the painful effect becomes less noticeable even in the sensitive area of ​​the armpits.

Special attachments, which are equipped with epilators, allow you to remove unwanted vegetation on any part of the skin. To reduce pain in some models, pre-cooling of the body surface with ice or a special gel is provided.

After using the epilator, ingrown hairs may appear in places where hair follicles or roots are left. Therefore, after using this machine, it is better to use a scrub, and then apply a special non-greasy lotion or balm to the skin to eliminate irritation. Electric epilators should not be used during pregnancy and those who suffer from varicose veins or skin diseases.

When choosing an epilation method, you need to know that there is no universal remedy suitable for all parts of your body, since the sensitivity of the skin in different places is not the same. Choose an epilator or wax strips based on your personal preference, preference and convenience.

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