Off-season Shedding - Why Does Hair Climb?

Off-season Shedding - Why Does Hair Climb?
Off-season Shedding - Why Does Hair Climb?

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Off-season shedding - why does hair climb?
Off-season shedding - why does hair climb?

Hair has such a structure, which involves periodic renewal, but everything should be measured. How much hair should normally fall out and why does hair grow? Location: Location:

Healthy hair involves about 40-100 hair loss per day, which is considered normal. Therefore, if you are not too lazy and count for the sake of interest, then maybe you shouldn't panic ahead of time? But if the figure is much higher, it clearly indicates that it is time to sound the alarm, find out the cause of the sharp "baldness" and look for the best ways and methods to preserve your recently thick hair.

The main causes of hair loss

- Hormonal. Dihydrotestosterone is a hormone that accumulates in the upper layer of the scalp and causes excessive hair loss, and this is a hereditary manifestation and is most often found in men. In women, various hormonal changes associated with pregnancy, diseases, and the course of the menstrual cycle can also cause increased hair loss.

- Stress. Any stress, regardless of the reason that caused it, contributes to the disruption of the harmonious course of physiological processes. Each person suffers from this different organs or organ systems. Hair is no exception, and therefore the body's protective reaction to stress is a sharp manifestation of gray hair or excessive hair loss. Therefore, it is simply necessary to learn how to correctly perceive negative phenomena, although sometimes this is simply impossible to do. But then the cause of hair loss is already obvious.

- Chemical. Many have heard about various chemical emissions from industrial enterprises, which sometimes leads to precipitation with various impurities, which, of course, do not bring health to hair. It can also be taking medications, the side effect of which may be just the fact that hair is climbing. This means that in this case it is necessary to analyze your treatment or environmental pollution factors and draw appropriate conclusions.

Excessive hair loss can also be caused by reasons such as improper unbalanced diet, inappropriate hair care, such as inappropriate shampoo or hair tightening too tight, as well as some diseases of the hair itself. In any case, you first need to find out the reason for this manifestation, and then start restoring the lost beauty.

Basic hair restoration methods

- Masks. For this, any vegetable oils (burdock, sunflower, castor, olive) with the addition of egg yolk, cottage cheese or honey are suitable. All ingredients can be mixed in any ratio.

- Massage. No special massage is required here. It will be enough if you comb your hair in the morning and evening with a massage brush and massage the scalp for about 10 minutes.

- Rinsing. A decoction of burdock roots has been an excellent remedy since the days of the "grandmothers". An equally effective remedy is decoction of nettle or chamomile. All this contributes to the restoration of the hair structure.

Thus, you can completely stop hair loss and even improve their condition, you only need time, patience and desire. And you also need to remember that hair cut on the growing moon grows faster. Accordingly, on decreasing - much more slowly. And in no case should you cut your hair during fasting - your hair will fall out!

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