❶ Hair Extension Methods: Microcapsule

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❶ Hair Extension Methods: Microcapsule
❶ Hair Extension Methods: Microcapsule

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Hair extension methods: microcapsule
Hair extension methods: microcapsule

Microcapsule hair extensions are becoming more and more popular among fans of a luxurious long mane. In the modern world, the question is: "What is the best way to extend hair?" quite relevant - and not only for women. Hair extensions for men are also gaining momentum. Location: Location:

What is the best hair extension or what is the microcapsule method?

A master who has mastered this technique builds up hair with the help of special capsules that glue strands of natural hair with the material of the "recipient". The main difference between microcapsule build-up and the capsular keratin method is their size, which is two times smaller than the traditional one. As a result, the strands weigh much less, and the hair does not suffer from excessive stress.

Advantages and disadvantages of microcapsule build-up

The first place among the advantages of this method is undoubtedly its naturalness, strength and respect for the hair. The tight attachment of the capsules allows the owner to use balms and masks, as well as dye her hair in any color and even curl.

Microcapsules practically do not comb out due to their small size, and also withstand swimming in the sea, sauna, solarium and hairdresser's iron. Thanks to this type of extension, hair can be lengthened by 90 centimeters in just 1-3 hours.

Of the minuses of microcapsule build-up, one can mention its considerable cost. It is also not suitable for tall holiday hairstyles. With this method, your hair will not increase in volume too much, but will simply become somewhat thicker.

How to increase hair length in other ways?

There are several hair extension technologies - Italian hot, Italian tape, and South Korean and Spanish cold. The first is performed using safe keratin capsules. The second is using ultra-thin double-sided adhesive tape. The third is the most gentle due to hair extension on a special micro ring. The fourth involves the use of glue and fixative. These methods are suitable for both women and men.

Contraindications to hair extension by any of the above methods are too high sensitivity of the skin and vegetative-vascular dystonia.

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