❶ How Can You Gain Weight

❶ How Can You Gain Weight
❶ How Can You Gain Weight

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How can you gain weight?
How can you gain weight?

Most of the girls and guys dream of losing weight, torturing themselves with a variety of diets and excessive physical exertion. But what about those who consider themselves too thin? Getting better is much more difficult than losing those extra pounds. Often, people who are prone to excessive thinness have an increased acidity of gastric juice and an accelerated metabolism. There are also less pleasant reasons: depression, the presence of parasites, malfunctioning of the thyroid gland, gastritis and other diseases. Location: Location:

To find out the reasons for the lack of weight, you first need to see a doctor and get tested. If everything is in order with health, then you need to strengthen the nutrition. But do not forget that a sharp weight gain is very dangerous to health, so you should gain 2-3 kg per month. To control this process - buy a bathroom scale.

Divide your diet into 5 meals a day without reducing portions. Accustom your body to porridge in the morning, but this does not mean at all that now the food will be monotonous and tasteless. After all, porridge can be semolina with milk and cheese or oatmeal with raisins and fruits, here you can give free rein to your imagination. Whatever you eat for breakfast, it should contain more carbohydrates. For lunch, allow yourself to eat a sweet roll or a piece of cake.

Lunch should be hearty, high in calories and high in protein. It can include meat with vegetables or fish with some kind of side dish. Two hours after lunch, you should delight yourself with cottage cheese or yogurt. You should not eat heavy food for dinner, that is, it should be lighter than lunch. Vegetable stews or baked beef and potatoes are great. No meal can be complete without a piece of bread. You should not go to extremes, the constant consumption of fatty foods will negatively affect your health.

Do not forget to eat raw vegetables and fruits, bananas are high in calories. Learn to make cocktails from milk, fruit and cream, as they are not only satisfying, but also healthy.

Smoking is only harmful, so if you still smoke, try to get rid of this addiction. Avoid coffee or drink it no more than twice a week, and spend more time outdoors. A walk after dinner promotes better absorption of food and good sleep.

If you set yourself up for a positive result and eat right every day, the weight will gradually return to normal and, accordingly, the complexes will disappear.

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