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❶ Arabic Style Makeup
❶ Arabic Style Makeup

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Arabic style makeup: how to do it professionally
Arabic style makeup: how to do it professionally

The alluring eyes of women of the far mysterious East have attracted the attention of men since ancient times. Arabic make-up makes the face amazingly beautiful and seductive, so European beauties have long taken this powerful weapon into their arsenal and perfected the makeup technique of oriental women. Location: Location:

How to do arabic makeup

Arabic makeup is created with a special visual accent on the eyes. To create the effect of bright and expressive eyes, oriental women use antimony, which is used for the lower eyelid, painting it along the extreme line. This creates an unusual contrast with the white of the eyes, the color of the pupil does not matter: Arabic makeup for brown, green and blue eyes will look amazing.

What you need for a classic oriental makeup

Use a matte and pearlescent makeup palette. You can apply some decorative sequins or tiny rhinestones to your eyelids, eyelashes, temples, or forehead. Always match the color of the eyeshadows to the color of your eyes - with brown and black pupils you need brown, blue, green, bright blue and yellow, and with light blue - lilac, pink, purple, gray and golden shadows.

Classic eye makeup in Arabic style

First, apply a minor shade of eyeshadow to the eyes and blend it down to the brow line. Then highlight the brows with a black pencil or antimony-imitating eyeliner.

In Arabic makeup, arrows are required - carefully circle your eyes along the lash line on the eyelid. This will make them almond-shaped and expressive.

Now apply some basic shadows to the moving lid. Depending on your preference, you can lower them to the lower eyelid or the line of the outer corner of the eye, giving the eyes the desired shape. When applying eyeshadow, use a wide cosmetic brush that blends the shadow perfectly, making your arabic makeup look light and natural.

Finally, paint your eyelashes by applying several layers of mascara to them. However, there is a rule here: let the previous layer dry before each new one. Put just one layer on your lower lashes - otherwise your eyes will look vulgar and defiant.

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