❶ 7 Habits That Spoil Your Appearance

❶ 7 Habits That Spoil Your Appearance
❶ 7 Habits That Spoil Your Appearance

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7 habits that ruin your appearance
7 habits that ruin your appearance

Not only bad habits can harm female beauty. Even food products can spoil the appearance: sweet, flour, spicy, smoked. Improper self-care also adversely affects your appearance. What are the most common habits that spoil a woman's beauty? It turns out that this has long been clarified. Location: Location:

The first habit - pronounced facial expressions

Women experience a variety of emotions that are reflected on their faces: rejoicing, they smile broadly, thinking - wrinkle their foreheads, frustrated - frown their eyebrows, offended - purse their lips, etc. That is why mimic wrinkles appear earlier than others - they can be observed already in young girls.

You can deal with such a problem with self-control. For example, if you are used to squinting, it is more correct to buy glasses or contact lenses, if you frown your forehead and eyebrows, try to control your negative emotions. An alternative to rigid self-control is Botox injections. This drug relaxes muscles, smoothes mimic wrinkles, but its action lasts no more than six months.

The second habit is to touch the face with dirty hands.

A child should be weaned from this habit even at preschool age. It is generally not recommended to touch your face during the day, especially if you are not sure about the cleanliness of your hands. This is a very easy way to infect your pores, causing acne and irritation. If you pat your cheeks, then early wrinkles are provided for you. So watch your hands.

Habit three - squeezing acne and blackheads on the face

This habit is also acquired in adolescence, when young men and women have problems with their skin - pimples or acne. By squeezing out acne, you can easily provoke their inflammation and deterioration of the skin condition. A squeezed pimple may leave an ugly scar on the skin.

Get rid of this skin-damaging habit. Better accustom yourself to visit a beautician every six months, who will deeply cleanse the skin of the face, after which the condition of the problem skin will noticeably improve.

Habit four - lip biting

Many women bite their lips with excitement or when they think. This process often happens unconsciously. Bitten lips look ugly and are difficult to apply as their skin is uneven. To get rid of the habit of biting your lips, paint them with lipstick, it is not always pleasant to lick it.

The fifth habit - nail biting

This bad habit, which spoils the appearance, is also established in early childhood. In adulthood, getting rid of it can be extremely difficult. A woman can bite her nails from excitement and nervous tension. Scientists have proven that people who bite their nails are emotionally unstable, prone to depression.

To break this habit, try getting your nails done in a salon. Many people are helped by nail extension.

Habit six - reading while lying down

This habit not only impairs vision, but also contributes to the formation of wrinkles on the neck. The neck always gives out the woman's true age, so it is necessary to thoroughly moisturize dry and vulnerable skin in this area.

Habit seven - cross-legged

Almost all people love this position, especially those who spend most of their working day sitting. The danger of this position is that it provokes an increase in the feeling of heaviness in the legs, which, in the end, leads to the development of varicose veins. Women are especially susceptible to this. A good and comfortable computer chair or footrest can help you break this habit.

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